Zak was a character in The Tribe intoduced at the end of Series 5. He had a minor role in the series, but played a bigger role as May's love interest in The Tribe: A New World.

Series 5Edit

Zak was a trader living at the docks, where he had his own guard. May, who was previously acquainted with him, came to visit. Zak showed off his new boat, which May assumed he had ripped someone off to acquire. He tried to make a move on her, offering a generous deal. May asked for a pregnancy testing kit, and Zak almost choked on his drink, worried that it might be his.[1]

When The Mallrats were evacuating the city, May said she knew a scuzzball trader who would do anything if the price is right, and went to cut a deal with Zak. When all the Mallrats boarded his boat, he said he didn't agree to this many people coming and wanted payment before taking off, but Lex insisted that they would die if they didn't go, and they could talk payment later.[2]

A New WorldEdit

Zak become a more significant character. He seems to have started a relationship with May, unfortunately he dies after the Mallrats arrive on the island.



Notes and referencesEdit

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