You Belong To Me
Album Abe Messiah
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 at Trident Studios, London

Euphonix Studios at Nomis Studios, London Marmalade Studios, Wellington

Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 3:51

You Belong To Me is a song featured on both the original Abe Messiah album and the 2003 re-release.


  • Lead vocals by Meryl Cassie
  • Backing vocals by Michelle Ang, Sarah Major, Katei Bonnar and Tari More
  • Accompanied by Lota Nuu Choir directed by Inglese Ete
  • Drums and percussion by Steve White
  • Guitar by Tom Baxter
  • Violin by Gavyn Wright, Kathy Shave and Vaughn Armon
  • Cello by Phillip De Groote
  • Trumpet by Nick Riggs and Graeme Stewart
  • Saxophone by Andy Ross
  • Trombone by Jonatan Enright
  • Engineered by Jim Lowe and Neil Maddever
  • Mixed by Glenn Skinner


I've been on the run
Felt like my ship was sinking
Now look what youve done
Now that my heart is singing

Everywhere you go
I just can't help myself thinking
It's better you know
That to me you are everything

Now for the first time
I realise and I find
I don't have to decide
What's wrong what's right

I love the way
You make me feel
That you belong to me
I belong to you

My troubles are gone
With the air that I'm breathing
Look what youre done
Now that you got me reeling

Youre on my mind
With the things that you said to me
I'm starting to find
That you touch is my remedy

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

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