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Vicky Rodewyk who played Gel on the tribe, was a fashionable girl and only cared about make-up, looking good and boys. During season 5 sammy strated to have fellings for her but Gel had the hots for Lex.

At the start at season 5 jack was running away from a angry mob when he hides in a blue bin thats were he finds Gel. On the way back to mall Gel sees a make-up kit and goes and picks it up but it was a trap and both Gel and Jack were caught by two boys. Jack gets out and goes for help leaving Gel hinding under a hay stack, when the two boys come looking for them. They see Gel but they don't see Jack behind them until Gel calls out jacks name they look behind them and take Jack to. Jack and Gel suddenly get away on a horse going to liberty. Once they get to liberty they finally met with Mallrats once again.


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