Hello, contributors, and welcome to the new The Tribe Wiki! (Well, the beginning of it at least.)

For the past couple of days I've been working more or less non-stop on the new main page. (Yes, designing and working with CSS is very time consuming and at times, extremely frustrating.) It's not 100% finished, as I need to play around a little to make the Chat and Poll boxes look as fresh as the rest, but right now I need to step away from the computer before I code myself into insanity.

This is the first of many steps in a "reboot" of The Tribe Wiki, with the aim of turning it into a great community. In the first round, I'm hoping to make it more inviting to potential contributors like yourself by building a framework or structure. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'd really appreciate if you shoot them my way! The plan, so far, is something like this:

  • Create a new community portal that gives a clear overview of what can and needs to be done. I'm thinking a to-do list, prioritized by what currently needs the most attention. And listing which types of staff and contributors are needed. Links to pages that commonly need maintenance, like articles missing infoboxes, images or links, images and pages that need categorization and so on.
  • Categorize pages according to what maintenance they need (so they can be put on the community portal.) For example: "Character pages missing biographies" and "Episode pages missing synopsises," etc. (Obviously I'll find better names.)
  • Establish a forum so fans can interact, just for fun and on wiki projects.
  • Advertise the wiki on social media and fan sites to attract more contributors.
  • Build a new theme and logo. (I'm really hoping someone else can jump in and assist with this. There's a reason it's at the bottom of the list.)

However, the main ingredients in building a community are the users and contributors and none of this matters without you guys. If you're considering whether you should get involved or not — do! Every little thing matters, be it correcting a spelling mistake, adding an image, writing a message in the forum or on a user's message wall.

Also, spread the word to your friends and fellow fans. With a little effort from many people, I truly believe that this wiki can become one of the best The Tribe communities online. Hope to see you editing, and don't be afraid to leave me a message.

Yours in Power and Chaos,


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