Urban Guerrilla
(Urban Patrol)
Album Abe Messiah (2003)
The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2003
Recorded 2003 at Trident Studios, London

Euphonix Studios at Nomis Studios, London Marmalade Studios, Wellington

Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 5:49
Producer Raymond Thompson

Urban Guerrilla (also: Urban Patrol) is an instrumental on Abe Messiah (2003) and The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1. It was used in episodes of the fourth and fifth season of The Tribe.


  • 4x07: Ebony leaves the hotel.
  • 4x11: Pride runs across the city and goes to a secret meeting
  • 4x13: Cloe and Pride look for Charlie and Mouse
  • 4x14: Siva puts on a disguise.
  • 4x14: Ved and Cloe cruise across the beach
  • 4x14: Ram, Java and Siva go into reality space
  • 4x16: Pride climbs over the fence of the power station
  • 4x17: Pride takes notes at the power station
  • 4x18: Pride watches the Technoes in the power station
  • 4x18: Pride climbs over the fence of the power station
  • 4x19: Lex leaves his hide-out and looks for Siva
  • 4x20: Trudy distracts the guards. The other Mall Rats run towards the building.
  • 4x21: Siva goes into Lex' hide-out but he isn't there
  • 4x21: Siva leaves Lex' hide-out
  • 4x22: Ved lets Jay and Ebony into the experiment building where people pretend to have fun
  • [...]
  • 5x01: Sammy plays Paradise.
  • 5x01: Last scenes: Mega finds that Ram is gone. Slade brings Ram to Liberty.
  • 5x02: Slade carries Ram into his room at Ruby's saloon.
  • 5x02: Mega watches the cameras. Jay asks Amber about Ebony. Lex gets into the hotel.

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