The Tribe Vol01
Tribe Revelation
Album The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2011
Label Cloud 9
Length 5:21
Producer Raymond Thompson

Tribe Revelation is an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 that was released in 2011. It was used in the fifth season of The Tribe. The piece can also be found as "Movement 8" on The Spirit Symphony.


  • 5x27: Mouse becomes a member of the Ecos.
  • 5x31: Last scenes: May finds a beaten up Salene and helps her. Jay storms into the hotel and tries to attack Mega because he threatened Amber's baby.
  • 5x32: Last scenes: Jay escapes from the hotel. Java and her Technos want to kill Ebony, but Slade rescues her on his motor bike. Ram watches Java via camera.
  • 5x39: Amber is forced to introduce the Pain Game on Citynet. Lex, Darryl, Gel, Jay return to the city.
  • 5x40: Citynet broadcasts the first episode of the Pain Game with Ellie as contestant.
  • 5x41: Amber and Jay broadcast a video of Ebony and Darryl telling the truth about Mega and Zoot on Citynet. Mega tracks down Amber and Jay.
  • 5x52: Final scenes: Amber and Jay fetch Lottie. There is an explosion at the hotel and the virus gets out. The boat prepares to leave when Amber, Jay and Lottie arrive. They get on the boat and the boat takes off. The group looks back at the city.

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