Top Hat - Leader of Tribe Circus

Tribe Circus may look like a bunch of circus performers. But they are far from it. Tribe Circus are one of the most dangerous tribes. They target the smallest and most vunerable tribes. The Mallrats are confronted by Tribe Circus, when KC takes Cloe and her pig, Porky, to a Gambling Den. When KC loses Porky in a bet, he gets enough poker chips to trade to get the pig back when the owner of the Gambling Den, Top Hat (leader of the Tribe Circus) and his tribe walk in and see him causing trouble. They make fun of him and KC throws the poker chips and makes Top Hat mad. They attack KC and tie him to a chair until he reveals his Tribe and where they live, meanwhile Cloe escapes with the pig and warns the rest of the tribe. When Bray hears Cloe say Tribe Circus, he knows that means trouble so the Mallrats prepare and get all the weapons they have and wear armor. Tribe Circus arrive and cause chaos, and eventually win and use the Mallrats as slaves. Whilst Lex is away with The Locos, with the Virus, Top Hat attacks Zandra and tries to rape and kiss her and take her clothes off. Zandra screams for help and KC comes out from the corner and kicks Top Hat in the nuts while Zandra escapes. Top Hat then locks them in the mall enclosure with the gates, so they are sealed in and he piles up furniture and sets the furniture on fire. Luckily, when they think it is the end of them, Lex returns with the Locos and saves them. Top Hat escapes with the food and all. Tribe Circus are only seen once more, when only Top Hat returns with the virus and is yelling for his hat. KC knocks him out, and when he awakes while all are watching, he pushes them out of the way and escapes.

Tribe Circus are mentioned during series 2 as members are being abducted by The Chosen. However it is unknown what happened to Tribe Circus after its members were abducted.

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