Top Hat is the leader of Tribe Circus, which ran a gambling den. He is insane, and one episode in Series 1 he barges into the Mall with the rest of the circus and tries to take over. After defeating the Mallrats he tries to rape Zandra, but luckily KC stops him. He is a pyromaniac (meaning he likes to play with fire), and leaves the Mallrats trapped (in the same area as where the Mallrats trapped Lex, Zandra and Ryan at the start of series 1). Then he sets fire to the Mall and him and his circus walk out on them. Luckily, Ebony comes in and saves them.

In the penultimate episode of series 1, after Lex learns of what Top Hat tried to do to Zandra, Lex and Ryan pay Top Hat a visit as the Mallrats journey to Eagle Mountain and they return riding his motorbike. Lex boasts about how he stole his headgear. Top Hat reappears at the start of series 2 with the virus. He is as crazy as ever, yelling at the Mallrats, saying he wants his hat back. He is knocked unconscious by KC but runs out and escapes once he comes round. He presumably dies not long after.

Top Hat was played by Sam Husson.


  • Top Hat seems to be based on the Joker from Batman, as well as Alex DeLarge from the Stanley Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange.
  • He is the only non-recurring villain in the show.
Top hat

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