The Tribe has given out two CD's with music inspired by The Tribe. The first one in 2000, and the second in 2003. It's mainly the cast of the Tribe singing the songs.

The Tribe Abe Messiah Edit

  • Abe Messiah - Vocals: Michelle Ang, Ari Boyland, Dwayne Cameron, Meryl Cassie, Daniel James, Jennyfer Jewell, Jamie Kairee-Gataulu, Sarah Major, Antonia Prebble, Caleb Ross, Ryan Runciman, Victoria Spence, Vanessa Stacey, Aswath Sundaresan, Michael Wesley-Smith & Ella Wilks

The Tribe Abe Messiah 2003 Edit


This CD contains all the songs from the first album, but with four new ones. It also contains the music videos of the songs; Abe Messiah, You Belong to Me, and This is The Place.

The cover has a much better design, and (if you know German) information about the tribe series and a short interview with some of the cast (Beth Allen, Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Antonia Prebble, Michael Wesley Smith, Michelle Ang, Meryl Cassie, Daniel James, Tom Hern, James Napier, Magan Alatini, Monique Cassie and Matt Robinson)

The "Old" songsEdit

The New songsEdit

  • Tribe Spirit - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie, Megan Alatini & Monique Cassie

The Spirit SymphonyEdit

Spirit Symphony original

Some of the music that was used as background music for The Tribe (series 4 - 5) can be found on The Spirit Symphony, an album composed by Raymond Thompson. The album was also released on iTunes on May 14, 2011.

  • Movement 1 (5:32)
  • Movement 2 (7:39)
  • Movement 3 (7:15)
  • Movement 4 (8:57)
  • Movement 5 (5:50)
  • Movement 6 (7:09)
  • Movement 7 (8:10)
  • Movement 8 (5:39)
  • Movement 9 (5:41)

The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1Edit

The Tribe Vol01
The Tribe Vol01 CD

The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 was released on iTunes on May 14, 2011.

The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 2Edit

The Tribe Vol02

The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 2 was released on iTunes on October 23, 2011.

  • Tribal Gladiatorial Fanfare (3:00)
  • Mall Rat Reflection (0:34)
  • New Dawn Chant (1:12)
  • Tribe Transition (0:19)
  • The Dream Must Stay Alive (Instrumental Version) (3:36)
  • Locos Patrol (0:41)
  • Lighter Moments (1:11)
  • Dream Must Stay Alive Refrain (0:19)
  • Forboding (0:31)
  • The Dream Must Stay Alive (Full Version) (3:33)
  • Sound of the Streets (0:50)
  • Hope for the Future (0:51)
  • Eco Theme (2:59)
  • Tribal Temptation (0:43)
  • The Dream Must Stay Alive (Variation) (1:03)
  • Party Time! (2:52)
  • Tribal Challenges (0:43)
  • Invasion (1:09)
  • Chosen Variations (1:04)
  • New Dawn (Instrumental) (3:44)
  • Apocalyptic Variations (2:21)
  • Introspective Spirit (1:41)
  • Guardian Variations (1:36)
  • Abe Messiah (End Title Extension) (4:27)

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