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Welcome to the Fanon Portal!Edit

Welcome to The Tribe Wiki! The Fanon Portal is the hub of the Fanon namespace community. The Fanon namespace is the area of The Tribe Wiki where users can write about their own Creation such as Strays Tribes and City and more! Users can also come together to organize and discuss projects for the Fanon namespace, by using the Talk tab above.

Getting Started

Before creating fanon, make sure you fully read the policy on fanon before creating a fanon page. You are also encouraged to read the tutorial on creating fanon.

Get Involved!

You don't have to write all the time! Feel free to read other users fanon and comment! Visit the Baiely Hortonn Hotel to discuss fanon with fellow authors. Also, make sure to vote for the Featured Fan fiction, Fanon, and Author!

Need Help?

Do you need help starting your fanon? Look at others for inspiration! If you want direct help from other authors, visit the Baliey Horton Hotel. Need any technical help with fanon pages? Feel free to contact one of our admins!

Featured Fan fictionEdit

Vote for or nominate next month's Featured Fan fiction!

[1]Featured Fanon(edit)Edit

Vote for or nominate next month's Featured Fanon!

[2]Bailey Horton HotelEdit

The Bailey Horton Hotel is the forum specifically for fanon. It is where users can ask for or give feedback and discuss any fanon projects.

Recent Threads

[3]Featured Author (edit)Edit

Be sure to vote for or nominate next month's Featured Author!

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