The Tribe: A New World is a novel written by A.J. Penn, first published on November 25, 2011 by Cumulus Publishing Limited. It serves as the canonical continuation of the television series The Tribe.[1]

Publisher's summaryEdit

Forced to flee the city in their homeland – along with abandoning their dream of building a better world from the ashes of the old – the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown. Cast adrift, few could have foreseen the dangers that lay in store. What is the secret surrounding the Jzhao Li?

Will the unravel the mysteries of The Collective? Let alone overcome the many challenges and obstacles they encounter as they battle the forces of mother nature, unexpected adversaries, and at times, even themselves?

Above all, can they build a new world in their own images – by keeping their dream alive?

Plot synopsisEdit

For detailed summaries of each chapter, see The Tribe: A New World/Chapters.

The Mall Rats are drifting the open sea and running out of food and fresh water... Coming soon...

Character Introductions Edit

  • Eloise
  • Blake
  • Emma
  • Lia
  • The Priestess
  • Shannon
  • Tiffany


  • First appearance of Bray since the Series 3 finale.
  • As The Tribe: A New World has been confirmed as canon, it effectively is the long awaited Series 6.
  • First mention of Zak by name, as it wasn't known in Series 5.
  • First time the main story hasn't taken place in either the City, the Mall, or the Hotel.
  • First time Bray meets Jay, Sammy, Slade, Ruby, Gel, Darryl, and Lottie.
  • First time Bray meets his son, Baby Bray.
  • Although Bray meets Jay at the end of the book, there are no lines of dialogue between the two of them.