The Tribe is a post-apocalyptic television series. It follows the lives of teenagers and children as they struggle to build a new society in a world where all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus.

The series was created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin, produced by the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group in conjunction with Channel 5, and was primarily filmed in Wellington, New Zealand.



Raymond Thompson had the original idea for The Tribe in 1980. In 1997, he was approached by Nick Wilson of Channel 5 to create "a soap for the millennium targeting a child/adolescent market".[1] Writer Harry Duffin was brought on board in November the same year, and together the two structured the characters and storylines, and an outline for episode one. Duffin gathered a group of approximately ten writers to help develop the story format. By July 1998, they had produced their first block of four scripts.[2][1]

Pre-production for Series 1 began in June 1998.[2]


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