We first see the Farm in season one, when Lex, Dal, Jack and Bray go looking to trade. It is here we're introduced to Alice and her tribe, 'The Farmgirls'.

In season two, Alice and her sister, Ellie, join the Mallrats and Dal realises he can start his dream of owning a working farm. As season two progresses, we see Dal working on the Farm. We also see him come face to face with the Chosen here as they start their attack on the city. Alice also returns to the farm after she realises Lex isn't interested in her. An accident in the barn causes her to be trapped until Lex arrives to save the day.

With the invasion and takeover by the Chosen in season three, the farm is also seized and used as a place to put workers to manual labor. Once the Chosen are overthrown, Alice and Ned plan on making the farm a home and try to get it up and running again. When Ned is murdered, Alice buries him by the farm.

In season four, Lex takes Siva to the farm, now a dilapidated wreck, to stay. Siva however doesn't find the prospect of staying in the barn very appealing.

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