The Blood of the Judas (working title) is a screenplay and upcoming novel written by Harry Duffin and David Fox, described as "a more adult take on the original premise."


Harry Duffin and David Fox were asked by Raymond Thompson to write a screenplay, a few years before 2009. Fox wrote a script titled The Blood of the Judas, which was then edited by Duffin. They were unable to get anyone to consider the project, so Duffin turned it into a novel in 2008. The novel got rave comments from various book editors and a couple of publishers liked it, but felt there was not a big enough market for it. Fox and Duffin went back to publishers when The Tribe re-aired on Channel 5, but still got the same answer.[1][2]

Raymond Thompson later negotiated with producers in Hollywood to get a deal for the movie finalised.[3] In June 2011, after the Tribal Gathering, they were said to be waiting for the final execution of contracts, with the pre-release scheduled for September and the global release for October 1, 2011.[4] The novel was not mentioned again, and was never released.


The Blood of the Judas was originally said to be based on the first series of the show and had the same characters, but was much darker than the TV series. Fox described it as a "a very exciting, (and quite bloody) fantasy, which nevertheless is still recognisably The Tribe." Differing from the TV series, some adults were still alive and hiding out in the city. They were referred to as "judases", because they betrayed the young, and were hunted down by various tribes.[3]

However, the plot might have changed, as it was in July 2011 described as "an epic overview with an intriguing back story about the virus and how all the tribes came together."[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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