The beach is used for some pivotal moments within the Tribe verse. It is the location used in the opening titles as well as during some significant moments described below:

Season One

It is at the beach where Bray lays his brother, Zoot, to rest sending him off to sea with a warrior burial.

The Mallrats learn that there is to be a Tribal Gathering on the beach involving all the main and powerful Tribes of the city. Wanting to make their mark as a Tribe, they make the decision to go to the gathering, despite the danger. It is here they come face to face with some of the most dangerous of the Tribes, and where Lex's past catches up with him when he comes face to face with Glen. The Mallrats are able to save Dal and Sasha from Ebony's clutches and they escape quickly from the gathering.

Sasha and Amber also spend a few private days at the beach together as their relationship evolves and Amber has to make some brave decision about her future with the Mallrats and Sasha.

Amber, Dal, Bray, and Lex leave from the beach to get to Hope Island as they search for answers to the virus.

Season Two

At the end of season two, as the Chosen start their attack on the city, the Mallrats and other tribes try to retaliate and things come to a head at the beach as the Chosen surround and defeat their small numbers. It is here that Lex and Bray have an accident in a dune buggy and are left for dead.

Season Three

When Bray is recaptured by the Chosen, the Guardian sentences him to death. The execution site is set up near the beach, but he is thankfully saved by the rebels.

Season Four

Ved and Cloe take a ride in one of the Techno's vehicles on the beach.

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