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The Amulet - previously called Tribe Trader - was Ellie's newspaper.

History of The AmuletEdit

When The Mallrats began to rebuild the city in season 2 Ellie thought it would be a good idea if the the city had its very own newspaper. So she, with the help of Jack bagan to write stories and print it out for everyone to read.

Ellie thought the truth was the only way to write the newspaper. She nearly even exposed Danni's father was responsible for the virus. She also thought that the newspaper should reamin neutral to all the tribes so that it was propaganda free.

The newspaper was also used for The Chosen's own ends, when wolf brought the false news that The Chosen was disbanded, Ellie printed this and this allowed the Chosen to take control of the city.

When The Chosen took control they effectively disbanded the paper, but Alice and Ellie used it once again to print resistance flyers. It was used to keep the morale of the city up and keep hope alive.

When the chosen fell the newspaper stopped again. Until Ebony suggested to Ellie that she could restart it, so Ellie did. When the election started she began to interview the candidates. She kept her policy of truth over propaganda, and it helped her get an interview with Moz and other tribal leaders.

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