Tally (3)
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Mall Rats

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Ned, Andy

Behind the scenes

Tally arrives at the Mall with her twin Andy and her older brother Ned to trade Pride to the Chosen for food, and ends up as captive in the Mall along with the Mall Rats. Andy and Tally begin to make friends with KC, the resident mischief-maker, and begin to learn the secrets of the gambling trade, even pulling a few on KC! When her older brother Ned dies, Tally says "How could he do that to us?" She acts like she doesn't care. Though Tally is young, her cute face and pursuasive ways often get her out of trouble. She disappears at the beginning of series four when she goes with Andy and KC to the airstrip to see the Techno planes, just a while after her older brother's funeral. It is believed she was taken by the Technos. Tally and Andy were never seen again after this.


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