The Supreme Mother is worshipped by The Chosen. The Chosen worship Zoot, who believed in 'Power and Chaos'. The first Supreme Mother was Trudy who was brainwashed into becoming a member of The Chosen. The Chosen made Trudy the Supreme Mother because she is the mother of Brady (The divine child and Zoot's daughter). When the Guardian started seeing Tai-San in secret, she got mad and tried to seduce the Guardian. She threatened to tell everyone in The Chosen about his and Tai-san's secret meetings, causing him to become provoked and angry with her, leading to the Guardian ordering her to be killed. With the help of Luke (The Guardian's lieutenant), Trudy was able to escape, but couldn't bring Brady. Eventually the Guardian places Tai-San as the new "true" Supreme Mother, hurting Lex (Tai-San's Husband). Lex was hurting so much that he tried to kill the Guardian with an arrow, but instead ended up hitting Tai-San in the head since she dived in front of the Guardian. Lex went into shock until he heard news that Tai-San was alive from May and Pride. When The Chosen were defeated the Guardian wanted to start The Chosen up again with Tai-San. He was lead into a trap and managed to escape twice. Tai-San was then captured by the Technos, and the Supreme Mother was no more.