Stats was a member of the Technos who escaped from the hotel after the Mallrats overthrew the Technos.

He and Wizard kidnapped Salene to try and get Ram back to get the Technos up and running again. May follows him from the Casino when she saw him so she could talk to he and Wizard. She tells them that she thinks they should kill Salene. Pride overhears this and confronts them, attacking Stats and throwing him into some boxes before being killed by Wizard.

Stats tries to tell Wizard that he thinks they should let Salene go because he didn't want to "delete" anyone else. Wizard wouldn't listen to him, so Stats left, not wanting to have any part in killing Salene. Later, Mega caught him and tied him up. He told Mega what May had said to he and Wizard. After that, is is believed that Mega "deleted" him.

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