Album Abe Messiah
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 at Trident Studios, London

Euphonix Studios at Nomis Studios, London Marmalade Studios, Wellington

Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 3:51

Spinning is a song featured on both the original Abe Messiah album and the 2003 re-release.


  • Lead vocals by Meryl Cassie
  • Backing vocals by Katie Bonnar and Tari More
  • Additional vocals by Matt Prime
  • Rap by Haydn Williams
  • Vocoder by John Williams
  • Guitar by Hussein Boone
  • Trumpet by Nick Riggs
  • Saxophone by Andy Ross
  • Trombone by Jonatan Enright
  • Engineered by Jim Lowe and Neil Maddever
  • Mixed by Glenn Skinner


I got this feeling that I can't explain
Outside myself inside I'm the same
It's all a drag, life re-arranged
I'm just hanging out

I don't know why I feel this way
All mixed up nothing to say
I guess I might find that one day
I stop fooling around

I really really don't want to go
I really don't want to stay

My head is spinning round and around
Underground now
Singing to the sound that I've found
That I've found now
My head is spinning round and around
And I'm down now
Singing to the sound that I've found
In this town now

Don't want your help or sympathy
I'm not that person I used to be
Time have changed, now I'm on my own
Can't you see I'm checking out

I don't like the way you criticise
Don't need you as a friend of mine
I'm not caught up in your uncertainty
I'm glad you're gone, now I can be me

I really really don't want to go
I really really don't want to stay

Repeat Chorus

Don't like work
Just wanna play
Do what I want
And not what you say
I know one day
It'll come to an end
But until then
I won't pretend

Ruffin it up on the party line
Step in time
Repeat Chorus

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