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Series 5 Episode 52
Written by David Fox
Directed by Duncan Smith
Air date 6 September 2003
German title Der Zweikampf
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From series 1 to series 4 of The Tribe, each series was split into 52 half-hour weekly episodes. However, in the UK, episodes in series 2 and 3 were shown in pairs so that it effectively became 26 1-hour episodes weekly. For series 4, Channel 5 - the UK terrestrial channel that broadcasted The Tribe - decided to revert back to showing half-hour episodes. Except in this case, the channel broadcasted one half-hour episode on Saturday morning and the next half-hour episode on Sunday morning. This caused disquiet amongst the fans, who lobbied heavily the schedulers at Channel 5 to go back to showing 1-hour episodes. After a couple of weeks, the channel relented and went back to showing 1-hour weekly episodes. This continued throughout series 5, which was split into 26 1-hour weekly episodes.


  • Final episode of The Tribe.
  • Final appearance of Mega.
  • Final appearance of the Mall until The Tribe: A New Dawn.
  • Final appearance of the Hotel.
  • This episode was originally not meant to be the finale of The Tribe. Originally, Cloud 9 was going to produce a Series 6. However, Channel 9, the channel that first aired The Tribe, thought the cast was getting too old and the show in general was deviating from what it was originally about.  When Series 5 was released on DVD in the UK, it contained the scripts for the first two episodes of Series 6. These scripts, as well as the characters that were to be introduced, where adapted into The New Tomorrow, a spin-off that takes place several years after the events of The Tribe.
  • It would be almost eight years before the continuation of the story in The Tribe: A New World.

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