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S04xEP26 426
Series 4 Episode 26
Directed by Costa Botes
Written by Anthony Read
Original air date March 30, 2002
German title Gladiator Lex
Caleb Ross - Lex
Meryl Cassie - Ebony
Beth Allen - Amber
Antonia Prebble - Trudy
Victoria Spence - Salene
Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu - Cloe
Nick Miller - Pride
Kelly Stevenson - Dee
Tom Hern - Ram
James Napier - Jay
Dan Weekes-Hannah - Ved
Megan Alatini - Java
Monique Cassie - Siva
Jacinta Wawatai - Mouse
Lucas Hayward - Sammy
Episode media
Episode chronology
Series 4 Episode 25 Series 4 Episode 27
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Series 4 Episode 26 is the 182nd episode of The Tribe.

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