• First appearances of Jay, Ram, Ved, Java, Siva, Dee, Mouse & Charlie.
  • Lucas Hayward, who would go on to play Sammy later in the season, appears at the beginning of this episode. However, it's never confirmed whether or not the person he plays is Sammy. Due to his behavior when confronted by Lex, as well as the fact that characters have frequent costume changes, it could very well be Sammy.
  • In one scene, a girl who looks like Danni is being captured by the Technos. It's never been confirmed if this was actually Ella Wilks, or a lookalike.
  • Although Bray and KC appear in the episode, the footage used of them was first used in the Series 3 finale.
  • The first episode to use Tribe Spirit, sung by Tribe Sister (comprised of Megan Alatini, Monique Cassie, and Meryl Cassie) as the closing song.

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