After The Guardian once again escapes when Alice tries to kill him.  Bray and Amber are banished from the City by Ebony.  The Guardian captures Luke.  Amber goes into labor.  The Technos begin their invasion.


  • Final appearance of Bray until The Tribe: A New World.  Archive footage of him would be used in Series 4 as the Technos are invading and as he's being taken away by them.
  • Final appearances of Luke, Andy, Tally, & Moz.
  • Luke is the only character introduced in Series 3 who's ultimate fate is never revealed. It is unknown if he was captured by the Technos, accepted or rejected The Guardian's offer to rejoin and restart The Chosen, or just went his own way.
  • Final appearance of KC until Series 5.  Archive footage of him would be used in the beginning of Series 4 as the Technos are invading.
  • Final appearance of Alice until Series 5.
  • Final appearance of The Guardian until Series 5.
  • First appearance of the Technos.
  • Final time "Abe Messiah" would be used as the ending song.

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