Series 3 Episode 37
Written by Carrie Rose
Directed by John Reid
Air date 24 March 2001
German title Die Suche
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Series 3 Episode 37 is the 141st episode of The Tribe. It originally aired on March 24, 2001 on Channel 5 in the UK.


The Mall Rats are worried when Amber and Trudy don't show up at dinner, and they immediately start searching for them. Andy and Tally steal some food from the dinner table with KC's help, but they end up being tricked by Lex, who is disappointed by the fact that KC never changes his scheming ways. Alice and Ned become closer again. Bray goes out after Pride after May makes an observation, but Pride claims he has no idea where the girls might be. Ellie feels guilty over keeping secrets from Jack, while Jack worries about what is going on. Salene is worried that the Chosen might have a hand in kidnapping Amber and Trudy. Moz wants Bray and Pride to surrender the Guardian. Ellie is confused as to why Ebony saved Luke's life. Ebony wants to know why is Ellie so interested in Luke. May tries to create chaos in Lex's and Tai-San's relationship by mentioning the Guardian. Ned brings a ransom note that was found near the Mall, with someone requesting to exchange Amber and Trudy for the Guardian.

Behind the scenesEdit

Continuity errorsEdit

  • At the beginning of the episode there is a shot of one of the entrances to the mall (the one closest to the fire escape stairs) that has a bunch of Wanted Lex posters, but on the first floor of the fire escape stairs there is a Chosen guard, although they no longer exist (this is probably a reused shot from an earlier episode when the Chosen were still in power).

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