The Chosen have now conquered the Mallrats, as well as the other city tribes. Bray and Lex are still unconscious from the crash of the dune-buggy. The Guardian's lieutenant, Luke, goes to check if they are dead. After he departs, Ebony goes to see, Lex responds. Ebony and Lex get Bray, who is still injured, out of the wreckage. Meanwhile at the Mall, the other Mallrats are held prisoner. Meanwhile, Lex and Ebony try to get rid of pursuing Chosen, however, they capture Bray. Meanwhile, a mysterious person lurks in the trees, watching, waiting, and observing.


  • First appearances of Pride and Luke.
  • First appearance of the Mall's alternate entrance.
  • This episode features a slightly different ending sequence than Series 2. Some scenes have been removed, and replaced with ones from Series 3. The ending sequence also features a different version of Abe Messiah, being sung by Meryl Cassie, rather than the Tribe cast.
  • Starting from this episode, Brady is played by Georgia Taylor-Woods. She would continue to play Brady until the end of the show.