The Mallrats discover that all major cities have an antidote to the virus. However, an explosion soon occurs that claims that lives of Zandra and Amber. Lex goes to tell Bray of Amber's fate. Elsewhere, a mysterious tribe sees the satellite that Bray, Lex, and Amber saw at Eagle Mountain. Believing it to be a sign, The Chosen, who worship Zoot as if he were a God, led by a fanatic known as The Guardian, depart for the city. Meanwhile, the Mallrats return to the city to find the Antidote and distribute it. Bray takes one of three maps while Lex, Ebony, and Tai-San take the other two. Bray wonders to a building where inside, he meets a mysterious girl.


  • Michael Wesley-Smith appears to have hit puberty between the final episode of season 1 and this episode as Jack is noticeably now as tall as Lex and Bray and substantially taller than Dal. Ironically the first scene of this episode is meant to follow on directly from the previous season finale.
  • First appearance of Danni, The Guardian, and The Chosen.
  • First episode to have Meryl Cassie singing "The Dream Must Stay Alive."
  • First episode to have "Abe Messiah," sung by the Series 2 cast as the ending song.
  • This episode features new scenes in the ending sequence.

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