Bray confides in Salene about living with Zoot as his brother. Rats in the Mall cause Amber to present a new system in which each tribe member has to take care of a certain activity, but the tribe members try to find a way to work around their schedule. Trudy is jealous of Salene's infatuation with Bray. Bray is confused when Trudy explains that she always loved him (even when she was with Zoot). Dal and Lex run into Demon Dogs while trying to find food. Ryan plays poker with Patsy and Paul and they lose, so they have to take care of his chores. Jack decides to let Patsy and Paul do his chores if they want some of the food he has secretly stashed. Zandra rejects Lex again. Amber refuses to try to bring harmony inside the tribe because everyone seems to not want to get along. Bray spies on the Locos and returns to the Mall to inform Trudy that Ebony is now the leader of that tribe.


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