"I dont't have to spell it out for you, do I?" - Bray to Amber about who should be the leader


Bray and Lex end up in a huge fight over who posted a sign saying "Decent Mother Wanted" in the cafeteria. Salene takes this as a slight against herself even though it is clearly aimed at Trudy. It forces the tribe to finally choose a leader. Bray refuses to go up against Lex, but convinces Amber to step up. Lex immediately starts his dirty campaign, blackmailing people. Patsy and Paul continue losing the food to Ryan in poker. Ryan follows Patsy and Jack and finds the secret storage, then reveals it to Lex, who tries to keep it all for himself. Amber asks Dal to fix the election so Lex would win, so Lex can later be tricked into giving up leadership voluntarily. At the election, Lex actually does win by a strange number of votes. Ryan reveals that Jack had a secret storage of food, so Lex decides to put him on trial.


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