The City is divided into numbered sectors, possibly as a means of making the evacuation process easier. During the evacuation, all children under the age of 18 years were told to report to their local sector so they could be transported.

Sector sevenEdit

  • Where KC was sent to help Bray's cleaning party.[1]
  • Lex went "all the way" to sector seven to spread the word about the new money.[2]
  • Lex comes back from this sector and is tired because of the noise.[3]
  • The Demon Dog Casino is located in Sector 2.

Sector four Edit

  • Ellie had been assigned to work there for the work parties. She didn't know where it was, but her assignment was to do "feeding control". Jack began to explain that you get there through Sector 12. KC's friend Fisheye also worked and traded here.

Sector six Edit

  • 'Loopy Sectors' are what Lex and Dee call them after the electricity 'Switch On'

Sector seven Edit

  • Sector where the public work (cleaning) system began.

Sector eight Edit

  • Where Patch's Tribe, 'The Wrecking Crew' were based before he joined the Mallrats. It is doubtful the five man Tribe ran the entire sector.
  • The Docks overlap between Sector Nine and Sector Ten. Sector Nine was Loco Territory (before they disbanded), which is where the Train Yard was located, as well as the Horton Bailey Hotel (renamed Ebonys Palace).In series 2 it is revealed it is controlled by the Demon Dogz. The Stadium where the Technos initially set up base was also located in Sector Nine.

Sector nineEdit

  • Sector nine is Demon Dogz's territory.[1]
  • The warehouse where Spike captured and tortured Ebony.[1]
  • The Technos' used the big stadium in sector nine as their headquarters when they first arrived to the City.[4]

Sector tenEdit

  • The home of the Locos.[5]
  • Bray heard there were only strays and nomads in this sector, but Trudy was reluctant to go there because of the Locos.[5]
  • Just before the Chosen took over, Lex found six people to help the Mallrats fight. He called them "the meanest bunch of desperados this side of Sector 10."[6]
  • The Technos' research center where they make experiments with people is in this sector.[3]
  • The sector is located to the west of the hotel.[7]
  • In order to create a diversion from Jay, the Mallrats sent both the reds and blues to sector ten, causing the colors to fight amongst themselves.[8]
  • The Mall Rats base, The Phoenix Mall is located in Sector Ten, as are the Docks and Tunnel Hill. The Technos also had an operations centre located near Tunnel Hill.

Sector twelveEdit

  • Lex, Ryan, Zandra and Glen's home before they moved to the City.[5]
  • Lex, Ryan and Zandra probably lived in this sector before moving to the mall, as Lex said "We better get back to Sector 12 while it's still light.
  • Part of the Demon Dogs territory, The Park could also be found in Sector Twelve.
  • A park is situated here and it's also Demon Dog territory (in series 3). Copies of The Amulet were sent here by Jack and Ellie. Also Lex, Zandra, Ryan, Glenn lived here before the virus.

Sector thirteenEdit

  • Has many dark alleyways according to Ram, who wanted his Technos to search for Jay there.[8]
  • While investigating The Chosen's current location Ellie and Ryan were told by a Kid that people in hoods were living here. However it was not The Chosen...

Sector fifteenEdit

  • The location of Group 9 Hospital - Dal's father's surgery.[9]
  • Dal's father had his old medical clinic in Sector 15, where he went to get medication for Trudy when she was ill. The Tribe Circus casino was also here.

Sector thirty Edit

  • In season 4 episode 44, Ram tells the Technos to search for Jay in Sector Thirty. He says the Sector is for the "unlucky", perhaps meaning many people die there, or have died there.

Sector sixtytwo Edit

  • Seen on the wall in the Horton Bailey Hotel.

Sector 2847 Edit

  • Tai-San was in this sector when Mega deleted her.


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