Background information

possibly 15 (series 1)




The Mallrats (for a short time)

Physical description


Hair colour

Brownish Blonde

Eye colour


Skin colour


Significant others

Amber (Ex-girlfriend)

Behind the scenes

Sasha at first, seemed to be a clown when he was introduced mid season 1.

He and Dal met while they were both staying with the Nomads in the country. They liked the easy-going life and plentyful food but soon learned that their friendship with Troy and Susannah would be cut short. It turned out that the two were actually slave traders, and they were to be sold to the Locos for food and supplies. They were handcuffed and placed into solitude in a tent that the Nomads had pitched and waited to be traded after an unsuccessful attempt at escape.

Dal and Sasha heard news of a Tribal Meeting - where the leaders and some members of several tribes were going to get together and have peace talks. This was also the place they were to be sold.

Because Trudy had also heard of the Tribe Gathering before she returned to the Mall, the Mallrats discover Dal and Sasha's predicament. Through a distraction created by Lex, all the Mallrats escape with Sasha joining them. Although Sasha only plans to stay at the Mall temporarily, his mind is quickly changed when he meets Amber, who he takes an immediate fancy to.

As an entertainer, all the kids in the Mall love him as he spends his days playing with them. He becomes fast friends with the children, who are interested in his flute playing, and all the tricks he can do. He's good friends with Patsy and Paul and Cloe, and even Bob, the dog. However, Sasha is often left feeling unwelcome thanks to Bray, who is jealous of his popularity with Amber.

Despite this, Sasha and Amber's romance blossoms, and they soon fall in love. He tells her jokes, makes her laugh and comforts her, and is seen kissing Amber by Bray multiple times, much to his dismay and jeaousy.

He doesn't take too many things seriously, so both he and Amber run away to hang out at the Beach for a while. While there, they play games with each other in the water, chasing after the other carefreely. However, he gets serious when he asks Amber to leave with him forever, away from everything and the City. Amber is hesitant, but initially agrees. After saying goodbye to everyone at the Mall, Amber realises she can't leave, and she and Sasha sadly part ways.

Sasha is never seen or heard of again and it is unknown what happened to him once the Chosen and Technos invaded. It is unknown if he was captured during either invasions, or if he was able to completely escape both invasions.

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