Sammy bio
Background information

Series 4: 12, Series 5: 13, ANW: 14, AND: 15



Physical description


Hair colour

Orange and Blue

Behind the scenes

Sammy is brought to the Mall by Mouse. Sammy and Mouse met at the celebration of when Ram turned back on the power. He became her new friend when Charlie disappeared. They liked to experiment with the electricity when The Technos turned it back on. Sammy really tries to to be helpful, so helpful he ends up videotaping the Technos torturing people.


Sammy and his best friend Mouse play 'the game'

Soon he and Mouse start to play Reality Space, when Mouse and Sammy played their first game of reality space, Sammy shoots Mouse on purpose. Mouse and Sammy have a big argument, leaving Salene disappointed. But when Mouse gets scared and don't want to play anymore Sammy continues and become addicted to the game. But Mouse made him realize it and he stops playing it.

When Gel comes to the mall Sammy falls head over heels for her and doesn't realise until later that Gel was using him.

Sammy gets away on the boat with the rest of the Mallrats at the end of season 5.


  • In episode 1 of Series 4, Lucas Hayward, the actor who plays Sammy is seen running to see who is coming of the plane when he is intercepted by Lex. It's not know whether or not this was Sammy. However, it most likely is. A similar incident occured in Series 1 when Jacob Tomuri, who would play Luke in Series 3, appeared as a Loco. It was never confirmed if this Loco was actually Luke.
  • Sammy is frequently seen throughout early Season 4, with white and green hair (although it's unknown if it's supposed to be Sammy). He's often found in disputes with other citizens of the city and the Mallrats.