The Tribe Vol01
Requiem (Pride's Theme)
Album The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2011
Label Cloud 9
Length 5:45
Producer Raymond Thompson

Requiem (Pride's Theme) is an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 that was released in 2011. It was used in the fifth season of The Tribe. The piece can also be found as "Movement 5" on The Spirit Symphony.


  • 5x07: As he is dying, Pride tells May to tell Salene that he loves her.
  • 5x31: Salene wants to drink again and throws Mouse's photo away. When she tries to get the photo back, she hurts her hand.
  • 5x32: Trudy leaves Brady with Amber. May watches Salene and then leaves to get food.
  • 5x52: Final scenes: Mega dies. Jack tells Jay that the Virus will get out. Jay tells Amber's group about the boat. May leads a group of Mall Rats to the boat. Lex tells the owner of the boat that they need to leave. Trudy and Salene want to wait for Amber and Jay but Lex tells them they have no choice. Amber and Jay fetch Lottie.


  • Calling this song "Pride's Theme" is somewhat ironic, since he's only ever in one scene while the song plays.  The irony is even better considering the scene is when he is dying.

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