The Tribe Vol01
Remembering the Past
Album The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2011
Label Cloud 9
Length 1:41
Producer Raymond Thompson

Remembering the Past is an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 that was released 2011. It was used in episodes of the fourth and fifth season of The Tribe.


  • 4x17: Ebony and Jay are having dinner. Jay admits that there was someone special in his life once.
  • 4x45: Ram goes to reality space to see Ebony after he is devastated from finding out that Ebony liked Jay and not him.
  • 4x46: Ebony tells Jay about the time she returns to the city to find Bray after running away from Chosen in Season 3.
  • 5x01: May tells the Mall Rats that Wizard and Stats have Salene
  • 5x02: Mouse and May shake their heads at Sammy. Salene is still a prisoner.
  • 5x02: Mega tells Lex that he lost someone, too.
  • 5x04: May looks at a picture of Pride.
  • 5x05: Wizard and Stats contemplate what to do Salene after finding out that Ram was missing from the rubbish tip; Trudy tells Mouse that May told her that she would be away for a few days.
  • 5x06: Amber tells Ebony that if she find proof that Ebony revealed to the Tribe leaders that the Mall Rats were stalling in returning the power back she will make her regret the day she was ever born. Ebony replies with 'what makes you think I don't?'
  • 5x07: Siva tells Java about the troubles with her relationship with Lex.
  • 5x08: Salene hopes that Pride will come back before the party for she will 'dance that man to death'.
  • 5x09: Salene cries in her room because of Pride's death.
  • 5x10: Salene decides to return Pride's amulet to the Eco tribe; May cries and recalls Pride's last words.
  • 5x11: Amber decides to leave the Ecos for good. She returns her amulet to a disappointed Hawk.
  • 5x12: Lex asks Jay where his scouts are; The zoo keeper gives Jay's scouts some water; Ram tries on his crutches but falls.

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