The Tribe Vol01
Album The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2011
Label Cloud 9
Length 3:01
Producer Raymond Thompson

Reflections is an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 that was released 2011. It is an instrumental variation of Tribe Spirit and was used in episodes of the fourth season of The Tribe.


  • 4x03: Ram fights against Java and Siva in virtual reality
  • 4x04: The Mall Rats have a memorial for their friends
  • 4x05: Jay is angry at Ved. Lex kisses a photo af Tai-San. Salene tries to comfort Ellie.
  • 4x07: Ellie has memories of Jack and Luke.
  • 4x08: Ellie is on the Mall's and considers jumping. Charlie and Mouse stop her.

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