Were it started

Teen Pregnancy: One of the most famous pregnancy story-lines in the tribe was Trudy's pregnancy.

Were did it start, Well it started well before virus when Trudy was at school.

Trudy went to the some school as Ebony, Bray and Martin aka Zoot. Martin had a big crush on Trudy but Trudy had a crush on Bray who is Martin's brother. Bray never knew how to feel about Trudy. Ebony started school and every man alive liked the look of her and she liked the look of Bray and she was not going to let Trudy get in the way. So she went to Bray and showed him a love note that Trudy had written about him and that Martin really liked Trudy and if he was any brother he wouldn't stand in the way of his brother's love for Trudy.

Then the virus started and there was a school dance and Trudy asked Bray but he said that his parents were ill and couldn't come as he had to look after them so Trudy went alone and she met Martin there who asked her to dance which she did. But as she danced with him she saw Bray dancing with Ebony and she got upset and ran out followed by Martin.

That night she slept with Martin (It is said in season 2 that she only slept with Martin to hurt Bray and that she did it because she thought it was the end of the world and it was only one time).

Then the virus started to kill the adults she found out she was pregnant and got scared.

And you all now the rest, she did join the Locos with Martin (aka Zoot) but as she got bigger they didn't want her in the tribe anymore and was voted out and she was just left there in the streets. She was found by Bray and looked after by him and as you know took her the mall. In season 2 Brady was kidnapped by the chosen where Trudy became The Supreme Mother when Ebony let her into a trap.

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