Find out a bit about what life was like before tribes were formed, before the virus had wiped out all adults.

Pre Tribe lifeEdit

Life was pretty much like life for any teenagers. School, basketball, dance parties.That is, if you don't include teachers with face masks in the days the virus was already beginning to spread.


Pre Tribe FamiliesEdit

We met only a few adults while introduced to life pretribe. One of them was [ Mr Fielding(played by Blair Park) - the father of Bray and Martin.

The other one was mrs. Taylor [played by Jo Mildenhall] - Trudy's mother. In episode one, we also saw Trudy's mother, but at the time we also caught a glimpse of Trudy's father mr. Taylor.


City DivisionEdit

City was divided to sectors, when the virus was beginning to spread - to make it easier to control. Applied even after the virus had spread and the kids had taken over the city.

−Sector 2 -Demon Dog's Casino - According to Lex - is here.

−Sector 3 -Chosen and Locust's Base of Operation's

-Sector 4 -KC has a mate in sector four who can get you anything so he told Ryan. Is it Fisheye?

-Sector 6 (&7) -'Loopy Sectors' are what Lex and Dee call them after the electricity 'Switch On' (Ser 4).

-Sector 7 -Sector where the public work (cleaning) system began.

-Sector 8 -The Wrecking Crew, a five-piece Tribe are based here

-Sector 9 -The Loco's territory (Series1) where you'll find The Locust's Rail Yards and Hotel Horton Bailey, The Docks and in Series 2 Demon Dogs territory. And the Stadium (Techno Base Ser4) is here.

-Sector 10 -Centre City Plaza {Phoenix Mall}. The Docks. Tunnel Hill (Series 4). Also Techno Research Centre located near Tunnel Hill.

-Sector 12 -A park is situated here and it's also Demon Dog territory (in series 3). Copies of The Amulet were sent here by Jack and Ellie. Also Lex, Zandra, Ryan, Glenn lived here before the virus.

-Sector 13 -While investigating The Chosen's current location Ellie and Ryan were told by a Kid that people in hoods were living here. However it was not The Chosen...

-Sector 15 -Dal's father's surgery/Group9 Hospital is here... Tribe Circus Casino here.

source for city sectors - Tribe Heaven


Ebony Pre-Tribe

Trudy Pre-Tribe

Bray and Martin (Zoot) Pre-Tribe

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