Pony Joe
Pony Joe
Background information

Horse Traders

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Behind the scenes

Pony Joe was the leader of the Horse Traders. We first see him when he is trading a horse to KC a member of the Mallrats. He has a crush on Moon, another member of the Horse Traders. We first see Moon when she is riding her horse and comes across Bray who has been pushed off a cliff by Moz. She takes him to Pony Joe and he agrees that they would make sure he is fit and healthy to go before they leave camps. When Bray wakes up he and Moon have a crush on each other but nothing comes between the two but instead Pony Joe is jealous at Bray. Bray finally leaves and left a note for Moon but Pony Joe reads it and does not give it to her. The note contains "I WISH IT COULD HAVE BEEN YES. -BRAY." Which reffers to a conversation Bray and Moon had about being a free spirit. The Horse Traders finally move camps and thats the last time we see Pony Joe.

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