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Background information

(Series 1) 10, 11 (Series 2) 12 (Series 3) 13




Mallrats, C&P Tribe, The Chosen Status = Alive but unknown

Also known as


Physical description


Hair colour

Series 1 Brown Series 2 Brown hair and Blonde Bangs, then some Blonde highlights Series 3 Brown with a blonde fringe

Eye colour


Skin colour



Martha (mother) (Deceased) Andrew (father) (Deceased)


Paul (twin brother) (Disappeared) Penny (older sister) (Disappeared)

Behind the scenes

Series 1, Series 2, Series 3

First appearance

Series 1 Episode 1

Last appearance

Series 3 Episode 18

Portrayed by

Sarah Major

Patsy is one of the original Mallrats. She appeared in the first episode and stayed on the show until some time in Season 3.

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during season 1

In series 1, she arrives to the mall with her brother Paul and Salene, Amber, Cloe and Lex, Ryan & Zandra soon follow. She is very upset when Paul goes missing, but still stays at the mall and blames Lex.

In series 2, Patsy is upset about the deaths of Zandra and Amber. She is taken back to the mall along with KC, Ryan, Salene & Cloe. Later in season 2, she is attacked by Spike. The night of the dance party, Bob is poisoned and dies. Patsy is horrified by Bob's death, but still stays at the mall. When Trudy comes back, she turns into her puppet. By the end of the season, Patsy doesn't realize the wickedness of Trudy at that time.

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season 3. looking after Brady :)

Chosen for the Mallrats, but then wants to pull out after she hears the news of Cloe getting caught. Alice & Ellie persuade her to keep going, and she does. After a while Patsy is taken away, and is never seen again, it is a rumor that she was killed by the Chosen. She is hardly ever mentioned again after time passes.

season 3


  • Patsy and Cloe began to change their looks in Series 2 in order to attract boys. Thus, they began to dye their hair and change their looks, going for a more "mature" look as the seasons continue.

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