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Outcast Tribe / Outkast Tribe / Outkasts was a fandom based website, first opened in August 2006. It was officially sanctioned by Cloud9 Studios, but remained an independant non-profit site. In early days, OT was based on the United States fan base, but fans from other countries discovered it quickly enough as well. The staff behind it also referred themselves as "Terrestrial Media"

The website gave out membership kits to fans which included plastic membership cards, tribal buttons and trading cards. At some point, several issues of Outkast Archive Magazine were also distributed worldwide.

In late January to early February 2009, Outkast Tribe experienced over a week of downtime due to an expired domain and most of the former administrators were unreachable, so several forum members took it upon themselves to get the website back online and succeeded. Following that, Outkasts had a change in active admin and moderating team and by 2010, only The Wizard remained active out of the people who had started creating the website back in 2006.

Outkast Tribe 2010Edit

January 2010 saw the launch of the new Outkast Tribe 2010, which was a nonprofit site, aiming to give the fans access to all Tribe Videos, audio, books that have been created over the years.

In November 2010, Outkast Tribe was forced to move to a new URL after an update to the BB had a bug in it, causing it to become inoperable.

==Tribe Universe==

In the process, after switching between several servers late 2010 and early 2011, the website formerly known as Outkast Tribe, also had a relatively big makeover. Since 11th November 2010, the website formerly known as Outkast Tribe aquired the name Tribe Universe on a new server and with a new layout, with a committed admin team.

This was followed by the demise of Tribe Revival (May 11th 2011) and Paradise's admin team ensured as much as possible of the fan fiction, fan art and tribe area from the other board was salvaged. In doing so, Tribe Universe once again changed concept and direction, in process of preserving content and discussion materials by a large fanbase and so, after a few months, by August 2011, the second and more advanced version of Tribe Universe opened to general public, from now on also known as "Paradise".

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