The Tribe Vol02
New Dawn (Instrumental)
Album The Tribe Soundtrack Volume 2
Released 2011
Length 3:44

New Dawn (Instrumental) is an an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 2 that was released 2011. It was used in The Tribe from season 1-4.


  • 1x01: First scene: announcements concerning the virus. Trudy's parents tell her to go. Trudy wakes up from her dream. Bray tells her they might have a chance in sector 10.
  • 1x01: Trudy and Bray hide from a gang. Amber and Dal watch the Locos and save Cloe.
  • 1x01: Lex, Ryan, Glen and Zandra flee from the Locos.
  • 1x01: The Locos find Lex, Ryan and Zandra with Amber's group. The Demon Dogz arrive and fight against the Locos. Amber's group finds the Mall.
  • 1x01: Jack locks in Lex, Ryan and Zandra between the Mall's gates.
  • 3x52: When The Technos invades the city.
  • 4x02: Pride watches Jay, Ved and the Technos.
  • 4x02: Ved zaps Lex.
  • 4x09: Ebony fights against her sisters.
  • 4x12: Lex is about to lose a fight when Siva comes to his help.
  • 4x20: Trudy prepares herself to distract the guards of the building that Amber is kept in by the Technos.

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