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Tribe - The Mosquitos

Season - 3

Played By - Miriama Smith

Leader of the all woman Tribe, The Mosquito's, Moz is a strong wilful leader. The Mosquito's are outfitted in black catsuits, with masks made into overly large shaped 'mozzie' contours. They carry weapons and aren't afraid to show themselves as a warrior Tribe.

The Mozzies headquarters consists of various 'nests' where the women sleep, large bulbous type seat which hang from ceilings, along with large 'mosquito's' nets and leather type furnishings to create a nest type look when someone enters.

In the aftermath of The Chosen downfall she causes problems for the rebuilding Mallrats. She is determined to see The Guardian killed. This leads to her rally of the city against the mallrats. On several occasions they hold protests in demand for the handover of the Guardian.

She continues to undermine the mallrats when they are trying to rebuild the city by slandering their money system, by bashing up Bray and by running in the election against the Mallrats.

In season three, Moz becomes joint city leader with Ebony for a short time. She goes missing at the season three finale/season four beginning and it is presumed she has been captured by the Technos along with the rest of her Tribe (apart from Dee who escapes.)

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