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Lottie is first seen when Lex and Darryl are working with Paradise in Ruby's Saloon, Lottie steals from someone and is caught by Ruby who doesn't want thieves in her saloon. They think of sending her away but after a group blame her of stealing she ends up staying in the saloon over the watchful eye of Ruby and Siva. Lottie continues stealing and is caught by Ruby and Siva after she tried to steal Siva's jewellery. Siva tells Ruby that she wants to help Lottie because it reminded her when Ebony was little and she tried to look after her but couldn't and now she wants to be able to help Lottie. She also stole one of Ram's computer chips. Ram gets angry at Lottie and starts chasing her with a chair. Lottie screams for Ruby and Ruby comes in. Ruby then saves Lottie and gets mad at Ram.

Later Lottie is seen with a nicer side to her and Amber and Ruby think that she will eventually grow out of her stealing ways. In the end of series 5 she is seen escaping on the boat with the rest of the Mallrats.


  • Beth Chote (Lottie) had a guest appearance in 5x08 as a stray who was chased away from the school building by Ebony.

Gallery - Lottie - Series 5

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