Ebony and Zoot

Ebony and Zoot

The Locusts are the City's most feared and dangerous tribe. Led by the powerful, Zoot, the Locos practically ruled the City with their mantra of 'Power and Chaos'. No one would dare stand up to a Loco, not even their closest rivals, the Demon Dogz, could ever come close to their level of power or fear.

The Locusts resided in the heart of the City, in the Horton Bailey Hotel. It was from here that they held their base. Zoot also possessed a police car, which would sound whenever the Locos were 'patrolling' the streets. They also had secret supplies of gasoline and a bus, which Ebony used to help the Mallrats escape the city in S1.

The Locos wear a red, flame-like scrawl of facepaint as their sole distinct symbol. They also are identifiable by the baseball gear that they wear as well as the inline rollerblades which they use when running alongside Zoot's police car.

Apparently, the Locos are renowned for their break-dancing, as was shown at the first Tribal Gathering. One of the Loco's members went up against Tai-San in the final round.

Ebony, Java and Siva were Locusts, however, Ebony made sure that both her sisters were kicked out, ensuring that they did not take the power that she craved. With Zoot's death, Ebony took control of the Locos and became their Queen, however after showing weakness towards the Mallrats and the impending threat of the new virus, the Tribe disbanded and Ebony joined the Mallrats.

Members of the Locos reappeared to aid Ebony as the Militia, to guard Tai-San and the antidote when the virus returned. Some also re-appeared as The Chosen having followed The Guardian when the Locusts disbanded.


Series 1Edit

The Locos had arranged a meeting with Lex to decide whether he, Ryan, Zandra and Glen could join their tribe. Zoot demanded their food and asked why they wanted to join the Locos. Lex was lost for words, and read “Locos are scandalous” out loud from a nearby train. The Locos chased after the group and were able to capture Glen, and later fell into a battle with their rivaling tribe the Demon Dogz.[1]


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