"He comes on as this bad boy, but underneath all that? He's compassionate, tender." - Siva on Lex

Lex is an original member of the Mallrats and one of its former leaders. He appears in episodes 101 - 213, 215 - 221, 223 - 552. Lex has starred in the most episodes, 258 out of 260. The episode he is absent from is the flashback episode 214 which detailed Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot's past together before the Virus, and the episode after Ryan kicked him out of the Mall, also during season 2.


Despite his macho attitude, he has, locked away and safely guarded, many insecurities that stem both from his background (his father is said to have been an alcoholic) and his lack of education – he is illiterate, and never exceeds an elementary reading level even though he tries to improve his skills more than once. Lex always seeks profit for himself, even if it means betraying his tribe. It is not surprising then that he never fully earns the trust of the Mall Rats. However, he has also saved the Mall Rats' lives on more than one occasion and has been a key figure in all resistance movements. Protective of those he loves, he is usually willing to fight and stand up for his tribe. A deeply flawed, and at times even abhorrent character, he nevertheless somehow manages to end up someplace good with his charm, street-wisdom and, every once in a while, the decision to do something not only for his own sake. He even goes so far as to become Sheriff of the town for a while until Dee takes his place as Sheriff.


Lex first appears in episode 1, together with Zandra, Ryan, and Glen. When they are being chased by the Locos, Lex sacrifices Glenn to them so he and the others can get away. When the group chases after Amber, Dal, Salene, and the kids, later on, they get captured in the Mall. After a long discussion they agree to join the tribe. In the course of the first season, Lex becomes leader of the Mall Rats (a name he chose). After a while, however, he gives up the position and becomes Head of Security.


Arrogant and seemingly heartless, Lex is often seen bullying anyone weaker than him. He is sexually driven and willing to use physical force to get what he wants. He seems to have an insatiable appetite for, as Ebony snarkily states, "everything female with a pulse". He indeed has 'tried his luck' with around every main female character appearing in the show, sometimes even while he still has another girlfriend. At the age of 17, he loses both his wife Zandra, and unborn baby to the explosion on Eagle Mountain. In his grief he starts to drink, and struggles with alcohol abuse in series 2. He meets May for one night when he is away, she later stays with the Mall Rats, but gets taken away for a time by the Technos in series 4. Lex marries Tai-San, his second wife, who, despite their problems together, always make up. In series 3, Tai-San is taken captive by the Chosen and soon becomes Supreme Mother to try and overthrow the Chosen but Lex is unconvinced. They are separated agaain when the Technos come. Lex soom moves on to his next girlfriend, Siva, only to rekindle his feelings for Tai-san when she makes an appearance on the raid at The Techno Base at the end of series 4 . Lex is frequently condescending to his one loyal friend, Ryan (who is sent to the mines after the Chosen invade), and treats his girlfriends badly, cheating on them and attempting to rape Zandra before they were married.



Lex as the city 'Sheriff'

  • Lex is one of seven characters to appear in all five seasons. The others being Ebony, Salene, Jack, Trudy, Brady, and Zoot. In addition, he also appears in the most episodes.