Background information
Physical description


Hair colour

Blonde with hot pink extensions underneath

Eye colour


Skin colour


Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Sally Martin

Kandy is first seen in a bar, where she and another Girl named Goose flirt with Lex.. Later When Siva comes in, he gives the girls the address to his Love Shack.. arranging a date.. And leaves with Siva!

Somehow Java finds out about the flirting and see's her opportunity. She pays Kandy to Seduce Lex in order to Break Lex and Siva up!

A few episodes later.. Siva finds Lex in bed with Kandy at his love Shack and storms out.

Next time we see Kandy is when Java pays her stating "I hope it wasn't too stressful" .. to which Kandy replies "Not at all.. Easy as Pie, Actually I think he's quite cute"!


  • Kandy is played by Sally Martin, who would later be known for her roles as Tori Hanson/Blue Wind Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Nicole Miller in the New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street.

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