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Jet was the leader of the Gulls.

Jet offered to help out at Dal's farm in exchange for antidote for her tribe to combat the virus that had been sweeping through the city. She and the Gulls cornered Dal on his way back from the farm and accused him of forcing them to work despite the fact the antidote wasn't needed anymore. She and Ebony's militia organised a lynch mob against the Mallrats until Ebony talked them out of it.

Later, she sent some of her tribe to Dal's farm to help out as a way of apology. She also sent a letter to Dal to apologise and tell him that she "really liked" him.

In Series 3, she is brought to the mall where she complains about being held with the Mall Rats showing that she still had something against them. The Guardian asked her who she was and upon revealing she was the leader of the Gulls he ordered her to be taken away to join the other tribe leaders. It is heavily implied that the Chosen had all the captured tribe leaders executed, however she is seen at the resistance headquarters with brown hair agreeing with the Mallrats to attack the chosen.

Jet joins Pride's underground resistance following the invasion of the Technos in Series 4. However, alongside the other tribal leaders, Jet leaves the resistance after the electricity is returned to the city. She believed that people could be open-minded enough to not fall for Techno propaganda.

She is seen in season 5 episode 3 speaking with Jay and Amber and other Tribe Leaders, fighting for the power to be turned on again and threatening war with the Mall Rats.

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