"Aren't some things worth paying the price for?" - Jay
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Series 4: 19, Series 5: 20, ANW: 21, AND: 22




General of the Technos (former), Leader of the Mallrats (along with Amber)


The Mall

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Series 4 Episode 1

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The Tribe: A New Dawn

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James Napier

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Series 4 Edit

Jay begins as a seemingly stern, hardworking, rank-three Techno, one who enjoys helping make a change in the world. He invades the city with what the Technos call "Phase 1", which is enter, and collect members of the city to go to camps. Jay lets the gathering job go to his younger brother, Ved, a more loose and carefree boy.

Jay has large hopes for the future, wanting the City to benefit by arranging Hospitals, Schools, Laws, and creating a just society where all are equals. However, the Techno Leader, Ram, sees things differently. When Ram begins work on Virtual Reality and using test subjects (such as Amber), Jay is kept in the dark, despite being Ram's General. The Mallrats begin to question Jay's values and morals since he appears to want to help, but has so far been ruining the lives of others. Jay claims that he doesn't know what Ram and Ved are "experimenting" with, but the rest of the Mallrats don't believe him, save for Amber. Whenever he hears word of what may be happening, he grows angry with Ram, threatening to leave the Technos for good.

However, Ram is nothing without Jay. Ram convinces Jay that nothing is happening (along with more convincing by Ved), and he allows them the chance to believe that he believes them.

Before Jay meets Amber, he falls into a relationship with Ebony, who he found himself attracted to due to her beauty, self-confidence and fighter-like intent. However, when he meets Amber, he begins to fall for her due to her intelligence, self-sacrificing ways, and that "she believes in something that doesn't just benefit herself". When Ved lets him into Reality space for the first time, Ved told Jay that he could have any girl he wanted, one who would love him unconditionally, and, to Jay's surprise, it wasn't Ebony that appeared, but instead Amber. Ved commented that Amber was a "foxy chick that got away", and Jay alarmingly questioned how she got away. Ved, nearly caught, mumbled that she got away from him after he first met her, lying to Jay in an attempt to lead him away from finding out they the Technos were using human test subjects in order to create Reality Space.


When Jay finds out what's happening with the Human Test subjects, he's enraged and alarmed that not only Ram, but his own brother Ved had been keeping this from him. However, Jay hides the fact that he knows about this in order to fool them (and they believe that he doesn't know). Ram asks who Amber is, and Java exclaims that she's a mallrat, like Ebony. Jay, in an attempt to cover for her, explains that she used to be a Mallrat, but left them for some "out of town nature lovers" -- the Ecos. Jay diverts attention from Amber to claiming that it's been "the Ecos from the start", that they were responsible for freeing Amber from the experiments and staging the "rebellion". When Ram questions how he knows this, Jay merely responds with, "It's my job to know."

Jay helps the Mallrats when they plan to sabotage City Net and gets them information on the inside. He works as a sort of undercover spy for the Mallrats when they need help. Although he gets in a dispute with Pride as to what should happen once Ram's gone, they agree that the City needs to move forward. Patch spreads a computer virus throughout City Net, thus attacking the source -- The Technos. However, much to Jay's dismay, Ram turns off the power in response, stating that whoever attacked City Net would cause a "long period of disturbance." Ram says that he'll turn the power back on when the "rebels" give themselves up.

Ram turns on the power again, and Pride and Jay converse about it. The topic leads to Amber, and Jay calls Amber an "amazing woman". Ebony overhears this, furthering her increasing jealousy. Due to this, she agrees to marry Ram, which angers Jay and causes them to fall out.

Jay and the Mallrats attempt to stop "Phase 4" -- the Game (Reality Space). Jay tells the Mallrats that he has next to no power anymore in the Technos, and when he sees that Ved has more or less "replaced" him in terms of his vitality to Ram, he gets upset at Ram and confronts him. Ram tells him that the next plan is to create Hospitals and Schools, just like Jay has always wanted, and this gets Jay's hopes up.

Jay and Ebony10

Ebony watches a video (made by Ram) of Jay and Amber in Reality Space (in order to make her jealous)

Jay, Salene, Dee and Patch fix the hospital to make it a place for everyone. Patch becomes the head doctor and they take in their first patient, Ginny, a girl injured after Reality Space was made public. Java tries to get through to Jay, stating that he's making a bad decision by trying to give everyone an equal opportunity, to which Jay replies that it's basic rights.

Java tells Jay that Phase 4 was never to give people "basic rights", it was always to get the people addicted. Jay feels blindsided, confused that Ram had always been lying to him about everything that he had been promised. Java then tells Jay that they're going to "get rid of him" as soon as he was no longer useful, which would be relatively soon. She also remarked that Ebony was in on it.

Ram assigns Jay to a new task -- informing the citizens that without working for eight hours, they won't be able to play any longer. Jay, feeling as though this robs them of their freedom and of their rights, decides to leave the Technos for good. When he tells Ram that he's taking Ved with him, Ved stays with Ram and lets Jay go. He turns to the Mallrats, who keep him for a while, but he seems disgruntled. Salene suggests that she wouldn't blame him if he left the city.

Ebony and Jay get back together again when Ebony talks to Jay about her jealousy. They sleep together and talk of the future. When Ram gets sick, Jay rallies some of the Technos to go against Java, who's giving them orders from "Ram". He tells them what Ebony believes, that Ram is dead. However this proves to not be the case as Ram appears, apparently in peak condition. Jay gets locked up, and Ram makes the game free, where the objective is to find and murder Jay (in game). Ram eventually releases Jay out into the world once everyone's hooked, and everyone in real life believes that Jay is still a target. He gets attacked by Pride, who mistakes him for the Jay in game, but Pride lets him go when he realizes his mistake.

Jay and Ebony6

Jay and Ebony while running away

Having enough of Ram, Jay and Ebony decide to run away together. While running away, they meet Trudy and Amber and the rest of the Gaians, and despite opposition from Ebony, they stay with the Eco Tribe for a while. While there, Ebony vocalizes how much she doesn't wish to be there, and clearly shows how jealous she is of the prospect of Amber and Jay getting together. Coincidentally, Amber and Jay share a kiss in a spur of the moment, after a talk about their hopes for the future. However, with both their hearts conflicted (Amber feels that her heart belongs to Bray and Jay feels that he should stay with Ebony), they agree to never speak of it, as though it meant nothing and never happened. When Jay meets up with Ebony again, she accuses him of something going on with Amber, to which he replies that nothing happened between them.

Jay, Ebony and Amber return back to the Mall to create a battle plan to go against the Technos. Lex wants them to leave, but he gets outvoted. Jay suggests in order to attack the Technos, they need to cut out their power supply. He works with Mega to bring down Ram, which proves to be a success, as the Technos's hotel is stormed and the Mallrats take them down. They reunite with Tai-San and Jay speaks to Ebony, who's having wild visions of Zoot.

Series 5 Edit

In the new series, Ebony and Jay appear to be in a rut, as Ebony is giving him the cold shoulder ever since she began seeing Zoot. When Jay asks Amber if she knows why Ebony's behaving this way, Amber tells him how she thinks she's seeing images of Zoot and he's come back to life. Ebony appears and yells at Amber and Jay about how they're "together" and were just talking about how to break the news to her. Amber dismisses herself and Jay tells Ebony that nothing was happening, she just told him what she knew about Ebony's circumstance. Ebony, feeling betrayed and confused, breaks down and begs Jay to not leave her.
Later, Amber approaches Jay about finding Bray, or at least if he's alive. Jay tries to tell her that he doesn't know because he's not a Techno anymore, but Amber insists. Jay finally relents when Amber admits that she doesn't want to know only for herself, but also for Baby Bray. Jay takes her to Mega, and together, the three of them look for Bray via the Technos' database. Sadly, Amber discovers that Bray has been deleted. At first, she's confused, demanding to know what "deleted" means. Jay morosely admits that it means that he's dead. Amber questions does that mean in the real world, or the virtual world? Jay says that he had no idea that the Technos had deleted Bray. Amber lets her anger and sadness out on him and tells him that no amount of apologies would bring him back "from something so permanent". Amber runs out, slamming the door, leaving Jay disgruntled and guilty that his tribe had killed Amber's love. He looks up Ved's name on the database to find that Ved, too, was "deleted".

Jay goes to the Mall to go talk to Amber about it, but she expresses a clear disinterest. "You have to believe me." "Why? Will it bring him back?" Jay asks for her help to fix the power outage and the riots in the streets, but she dismisses it as a "techno problem". She tells him that she "hopes [he] can sleep at night, because [she] can't," and walks off, leaving him once again upset.

He confides in Mega about how Amber hates him now, which doesn't seem to sit well with him. Mega tells him that it wasn't his fault, but Jay feels as though it is. He later tells Trudy about it, and they begin talking about Amber. Trudy seems genuinely concerned. He tells her about Ved's fate, and Trudy comforts him whilst his emotions take a disheartening turn for the worse.

Jay once more attempts to speak with Amber about the "Zoot lives" belief spreading throughout the city, the power, and the Paradise electronics, but Amber shuts him down, saying that whoever came up with the "Zoot lives" idea is playing a sick joke. She says that she knows Zoot's dead because she burned his body on a boat along with Bray[1]. Jay asks her if she realizes that she's being just a bit unreasonable, considering taking back the Paradise headsets were her idea, after all, but she just excuses herself. On her way of leaving, she almost runs into Ebony, who seems bewildered that Jay was talking to Amber. "Good, was she? Better than me?" Ebony makes assumptions and accuses Jay of sleeping with Amber, although Jay just seems confused. When Ebony demands that Jay listen to her, he interjects, telling her to listen to him. "You're seeing things that doesn't exist, it's destroying you piece by piece!" He once again states that nothing is happening between him and Amber, but Ebony doesn't believe him. She bumps his shoulder with hers as she walks away, leaving Jay frustrated and annoyed at the fact that his girlfriend thinks he's cheating on her, and his crush (Amber) is angry with him. Due to this, Jay breaks up with her.
Back at the mall, Lex runs into him, being sassy and asking him if he'd "staged any coup's lately". Jay dismisses him with , "I don't have time for this right now". Lex then reveals the real reason he was speaking with Jay, to guilt him about Tai-San. Jay offers that he wished he had the ability to help, but then suggests that if Lex wants to take his mind off of things, Jay could use his help to recollect all of the Paradise headsets. Lex leaves, saying that he would think about it.

In the Mall's cafe, when Amber accidentally drops baby Brays' bottle after feeding him, Jay picks it up for her. He offers to give it to her, but she stumbles out of the room, refusing to make eye contact with him. He drops it onto the table with a sigh, skulking out of the room. Trudy notices this and goes to speak with him, asking for him to not blame her. He queries if this was how it would be from then on, her avoiding him, and him feeling like garbage every time he looked at her. He recollects that they had a trust before, but now he feels that all there is in her eyes is disappointment. "I've lost her friendship. That I'll have to live with. But if she can't forgive me for what happened to Bray..." Jay is visibly shaken and upset. At this point, one can clearly see that Jay is developing strong feelings for her, him not wanting to lose her to something like this. Trudy offers to go and speak to her about it, and he gives her a mirthless smile.

At the Horton Bailey Hotel, Jay meets up with some other Technos to gather Paradise headsets. He instructs them to gather any and all headsets, as much as they can carry. When they regroup, there are very few headsets collected, the citizens seemingly unwilling to give up their headsets and their chance at living in "Paradise". Lex riles Jay up, telling him that he's doing a terrible job with the collections, and Jay gets in his face, saying, "If you have a better idea, let's hear it." Lex tells him that it's Jay's problem. "[He] produced it, [he] gets rid of it." Lex also riles him up by making him realize that if there are any headsets left when the power comes back on, then they're all screwed.

After a meeting with the tribal leaders concerning the power switch on, Amber breaks down in tears, questioning if attempting to create a new world was truly a good idea, since the Mallrats were continually shut down by anarchy and disorder. Amber expresses her feelings of fear at the "Zoot lives" madness and Jay comforts her. They share a mutual kiss, but Amber breaks away, saying that she should not do this. Jay tries to tell her that he knows that the feelings they share are mutual, but Amber rebuffs this remark, saying that nothing could happen between them, ever, because baby Bray would one day question where his father was, all the while she shared a bed with one of the men who was the reason's for his father's death. With that remark, she left the room, leaving behind a visibly shaken Jay.

Later, Trudy approaches Jay, seemingly concerned about him. Jay says that he had thought that everything would be alright once Ram was gone, that everything could be a new start. He admits that he told Amber how he felt, that he wanted them to be together, but, Jay self-deprecatingly quibbles that, "she rejected me." When Trudy asks why, Jay whispers, as though he's close to tears, "Bray". Trudy attempts to tell him that he can't blame himself for what happened, and Jay responds with, "Can't I?" Jay believes that he "signed his [Bray's] death warrant". He begins to repeat what Amber said, that he "caused" the death of the man that she had loved and there was nothing he could do to change that. Trudy offers to talk to Amber for him, but Jay rejects the offer, saying that it didn't matter anymore, since she wasn't the only one he hurt. He also hurt Ved, his little brother, and Ebony, his ex-girlfriend who's becomes as deluded as the Guardian. Trudy attempt to say that he can't blame himself for that (Ebony being crazy), saying "Ebony has always been unstable!" (with a smile on her face). Jay retorts this saying that he can't stand by Ebony, because he's "obsessed with another woman." He believes that all he's been able to do is hurt the people he cares about. Trudy suggest taking some time off to himself, in order to regroup. She offers to cook him something, but he shakes it off, saying that he wouldn't be hungry for "quite a while". Trudy then smiles, telling him that he hasn't "tried my [her] pepperoni pizza yet". Jay questions, "pepperoni?" as though he's willing to eat that, and Trudy just grins.

Trudy and Jay have dinner together, and make a toast to "friendship". After they finish eating, Jay tells her that it was delicious, but she "shouldn't have done this" for him. Trudy beams, saying that she "must", since she doesn't "get too many chances to entertain these days, except for Brady's birthdays". Jay asks who the father was, and Trudy responds with, "a big mistake. A huge mistake." Jay apologizes, but Trudy shakes it away, saying that he's been "a very good friend". Jay then makes a toast to Trudy, in the hope that she finds the right guy soon, because she deserves it.

The next day, Mega informs Jay and Amber that Ebony brought Java to her side, and managed to get her out of confinement at the Horton Bailey Hotel. Mega, Amber and Jay all discuss Ebony's actions, and Amber muses that with all of the Zoot madness going on, as well as the Paradise headsets and electricity, they (the Mallrats) could lose the city. Mega suggests that they strike first by doing broadcasts on CityNet for all to see the error of this "Zoot lives" nonsense. Mega suggests that Amer give the speech, and Jay seconds him on that. Just then, Salene walks in, and queries as to where Pride is. Amber tells her that he's around somewhere, they'll just send the word that Salene's safe. Salene then goes on to say that, if Jack's back, maybe Bray might come back. Everyone goes silent at this, and tension fills the air. Salene senses this, so she asks, "what?" Jay covers up Bray's deletion by saying that they sent some prisoners a long way away, it'd be difficult to travel.

All of the Mallrats host a funeral for Pride. Jay comforts Amber about Pride's death, and tells her that he's in the place he wanted to be -- that he was free. Things go smoothly, until they return to the City to find that Ebony and her sisters, along with a new tribe, the Zootists, are running about the city, instilling fear into the hearts of everyone who sees them.

Lex, Jack, Jay, and a few others decide to take action. They make it to the Zoo, and they begin walking around, looking for Ebony. However, they're spotted by some wild Zootists and retreat, they're plan crumbling before them.

They make another attempt at uncovering the truth about these 'Zoot' images. They venture to Sector 8, because Jack believes that the Zoot imagery is nothing more than a few holograms. They search around a building to try to find a projector screen, and Jay asks if they should split up, in order to cover more ground. Just then, some Zootists appear, and begin attacking them. While Jay and Lex have them momentarily subdued, they make a run for it, accidentally leaving Jack behind.

They manage to hide behind a building and crouch down below a fence, and Jay questions if it's possible that Zoot could actually be alive. Lex tells him that he knows Zoot's dead, because he killed him. Jay then makes the decision to return to the building to look for Jack, despite opposition from Lex.

They return back to the building to find one of the three screen projectors' place. However, Lex then hears something, so they decide to scout it out. They find a visibly shaken Jack, who hysterically shouts that Zoot was alive--that he put his hand on his neck and spoke to him.

They return to the Mall, where all of the Mallrats (except for Amber and Salene, who are visiting the Ecos) gather and speak of what Jack saw. Lex doesn't believe Jack, but Jack's words frighten Trudy, causing her to erupt in a fit of anger as she screams that Zoot is dead and whatever Jack saw wasn't him.

Jay and Trudy later speak to eachother in her room, where she expresses fear at losing Brady. Jay attempts to comfort her, but it doesn't calm her down any more. She has a nightmare that night, and she talks to Jay about it. One thing leads to another, and they share a kiss. Trudy then takes him back to her room and they sleep together (with Brady still in the room). The next morning, they wake up and agree that they need to keep this a secret from the others.

A note posted on the grille in the Mall states: "Zoot has risen. Death to his killer." Jack mentions that the note is for Lex, but Lex shakes it off, saying that nothing will happen, it's just an empty threat made by the Zootists. However, Jay tells him that those 'crazies' would be willing to fulfill that threat.

Jay and Jack return to the building where Jack had seen "Zoot". Jack finds a lock of hair, which appears to be Zoot's. He excitedly tells Jay that he did see Zoot, just not really Zoot. He says that someone is messing with someone--that there's a Zoot hologram and also a person impersonating Zoot, a "Zoot double". They decide to tell Mega about their findings. Mega tells them that this theory isn't necessarily true, they need "something substantial". Mega suggest Ram, because he wants them to believe that he's behind all of it. Mega says that he'll focus on finding Ram, and the Mallrats should be focusing on Ebony and her sisters. Jay believes what Mega says, but Jack clearly doesn't. Jay and Jack dismiss themselves, while Mega says to "let him in". In walks Zoot, or someone seemingly to be Zoot. In reality, it is Darryl, the person who's impersonating Zoot and striking fear into the hearts of everyone. Darryl appears to be a bit dense and dim witted, but seems to be light-hearted as well as easy going. Mega tells him to get rid of his wrist tattoo that has his name on it, and Darryl questions how. Mega says that he doesn't care how, just to get it done.

When Jay and Jack return to the Mall, Jay's scouts have returned. Trudy explains that Ebony found them, and that she wants a meeting the next day. Jay questions: "A meeting, or a war?"

Jay, Lex and his scouts meet up with Ebony, Java, Siva and the Zootists. Java warns them, if they "mess with [them] again, and [they're] dead". Jay questions, "Says who?" Ebony adds, "Says Zoot." She informs them that this was Zoot's city now, and "filth like them" have no place in it. Lex then shows them the photo of Darryl dressed like Zoot, saying that, "Zoot" got a new tattoo, and a new name. Lex then expressed thoughts of someone impersonating him. This causes the Zootists to be confused by his words, forming the smallest twinge of doubt in their hearts. Java quickly exclaims that it's a "pathetic fake".Jay tells the Zootists that the only fakes were Ebony and her sisters, who started this all with the help of Ram. Ebony insists that they don't listen to them, since they're talking nonsense. Jay tells the Zootists that Ebony went crazy after he dumped her, so they shouldn't listen to her.Lex says the same thing of Siva, that she's as "nutty as a fruitcake for the exact same reason". Ebony tells her tribe to "finish them", but they cower back in fear. Then, Darryl appears as Zoot once more, causing the Zootists to cheer in glee, and Jay's scouts to run away.

They return to the Mall and explain what happened to the rest of the tribe. Jack muses that they can possibly find out if they're using holograms and expose them for it by checking the power logs. If they used up a lot of power, then they could show that they had used it for the holograms, and that would be more proof. When Lex expresses doubt at this, Jack asks him if he has a better idea. Lex exclaims that he does, and he begins to leave. Jay asks him where he's going, and Lex merely says, "unfinished business"., and that he would keep Jay informed.

Jay and Jack continue with Jack's plan of checking through the Power usage logs with Mega, however the computer begins getting glitchy. Then, Ram's face appears on the screen, telling them to do, "Better than that". Jay questions how he did that, and Mega explains that Ram is getting past all of his firewalls and his software and is causing the problems.

When Amber comes back from the Ecos, she has the resolve to tell Jay how she feels. However, Trudy always stops her before she does, because she and Jay are an item (although Amber does not know this). Amber and Jay bond and get closer, and Jay recognizes that Amber is back to being "good old Amber again". Amber wakes up in the middle of the night, needing water, only to find that Jay's there, too. So, she tells him that she "wants them to be together", and Jay gapes, possibly running away from her alarmedly at her confession.

The next day, Trudy asks if they, as a couple, were okay. Jay tells her that of course they're okay. She then asks if Amber had spoken to him, but he changed the topic, instead talking about how to strike the Zootists next. Trudy asks him again, but he just stands up, saying that he's going to go someplace. He gives her a kiss on her forehead and he leaves, seemingly conflicted with his emotions.

He later tells Trudy that she's the one he wants, and she seems very happy with his response. A bit later, Amber approaches him, asking why he's had a sudden change of heart, and what he does feel for her. He answers with he doesn't want to speak about this now, but she tells him that she has to know now. She storms off when he doesn't respond.

That night, Amber goes to Trudy's room to apologize to her for yelling at her earlier, only to find Trudy in bed with Jay. Amber flusteredly stumbles out of the room, high-tailing it to her room, where she locks the door. Trudy goes after her in an attempt to smooth things over, but Amber tells her to go away. Trudy returns to her room in tears, saying that Amber hates her now. Jay asks that she can't hate her forever, but Trudy responds that she can. Trudy expresses how terrible she feels that she hurt her best friend, and Jay tells her that they did nothing wrong. Trudy says that she [Amber] just saw her best friend in bed with her boyfriend, to which Jay states that he's not her boyfriend. Trudy frustratedly asks for Jay to leave, because she "can't do this tonight". Jay tries to let her let him stay, but she dismisses him.

The next day, after Trudy feeds Brady, Jay walks into the Mall's cafe, where he tells Trudy that this is all "very awkward", but he still wants to be with her because he cares "a lot about her". He tells her to not push him away, which makes Trudy happy again. She gives him a hug and tells him that she wants to be with him, too.

Jay later approaches Amber about her fight with Trudy. He tells her that "this needs to stop". She tells him to leave, but he continues speaking. Amber, fed up with him, asks him why did he tell her he had feelings for her if he "didn't mean them"? Then she says he can either take a running jump away or look her straight in the eyes and tell her that he didn't have any feelings for her. He doesn't say anything, so she kicks him out.

The next day at breakfast, Trudy asks Jay if he still wants to continue their relationship "after all that has been happening". Jay tells her that of course he does. They lean in to kiss, but Amber accidentally walks in. Right after seeing that, she walks back out.

When Ellie returns, and Jack discovers a bomb in her bag, Jack manages to throw the bomb off of the roof, which knocks the wind out of him. Jay rushes up to make sure Jack's okay, which he is.

Mega soon comes round, and they formulate a plan as to what to do for the "shadow at noon", where "Zoot" will be "resurrected". They decide to use Amber to try to get the citizens of the city to see the foolishness in believing in "Zoot", because the people trust her, and she has a way with words.

Jay tries to persuade Amber into holding a speech for all of the citizens, but Amber doesn't seem too keen on doing it. Jay tells her that if this all comes to pass, they may lose the city forever in this Zoot madness, and they will never be able to regain it again. He manages to begrudgingly convince her to, and when he reaches out to pat her on the back, she shrugs away, telling him, "Don't."

Jay, Amber and Jack go to the "shadow at noon" in an attempt to plead with the citizens to stop what they're doing and to not believe that the solar eclipse is due to Zoot. Someone shoves Amber and she falls to the ground, unconscious. Jay and Jack, along with some other citizens, rush to her aid in concern.

They bring her back to the mall and Jay takes care of her, which makes Trudy slightly jealous. He only leaves her side when he has to go speak with Mega. Mega tells him that there's a rumour going round that says that Ram was seen at the "shadow at noon". Jay agrees that he'll check out for any information.

Later, Trudy and Jay talk to each other, and she asks for a "cuddle". He gives her a hug and Trudy beams, saying that she was, "just starting to think that..." Jay asks her what, but she shakes her head, saying, "nothing". She then asks him what is on his mind, and h asks, "do you think the end justifies the means?" Trudy seems surprised by this, and jokes about it being his "deepest thoughts", but then realizes he's being serious, wondering aloud what is "the end"? Jay clarifies that it's "to put a stop to all this", but Trudy doesn't understand. So, he decides to drop it, and instead asks how Amber's doing. Trudy seems surprised, and confesses that she hasn't checked in on her. Jay then tells her that he'll check on her, and Trudy seems alarmed, but she fakes a smile and encourages him to do so, telling him, "yeah, of course".

Jay rushes into Amber's room when he hears her groaning. He finds her curled up in the fetal position on her bed, asking to "make the pain go away." Jay gets Jack to assist him with her problem, and he leaves behind Mouse and Ellie. Jay, Jack, and Trudy re-enter Amber's room to find that she's trying to walk, but she "feels dizzy". She collapses and Jay manages to catch her before she falls, and places her back into bed. Trudy queries as to what's wrong with her, and Jack suggests that the pressure inside her skull is causing her to act this way. Amber dismisses Jay, telling him that she's fine (although she's clearly not), and the group all leave. Jack recommends that someone watch her, but Jay questions who? Trudy volunteers, even though Amber's still angry with her. Jay tells Jack that he's going to go to the Horton Bailey Hotel to talk to Mega, and asks if Jack wishes to come along. Jack answers positively, saying that he wants to. Jack asks him if he's decided what he wants to do, and Jay tells him that it's "the only thing [he] can do".

At the meeting with Mega, Jay tells Mega his plan: to seal off the sector using all of the technology that they have, then cutting off all supplies of electricity, food, water, etc. Jack questions why, but Jay tells him "it's the only way". Jack tries to reason with him, that there are innocent people out there, but Jay tells him that it won't be for too long. Jay recommends recruiting the Tribal leaders, since he figures that they don't want chaos anymore than they (the Mallrats) do. He reasons that if they deprive them of what they want, they'll start seeing sense. Jack seems annoyed, but reluctantly agrees. Mega then advises for them to make the announcement via CityNet, but Jack rebuffs this remark, stating that no one watches CityNet anymore, since "Zoot" has all of the airtime. Mega tells Jay and Jack that they'll have to use force to go about doing this: weapons, troops. Jay then tells him that they'll do it, whatever it takes.

Back at the Mall, Jay finds a hysterical Trudy and an unconscious Amber. Jack tells him that it's a "swelling of the brain", and she needs to be kept still. Ellie offers to play some music in order to wake her, and Gel suggests that Amber might awaken with "true love's kiss" -- a kiss from someone she loves. Trudy looks over at the steadily breathing Amber and asks, "what now?" Jay responds with, "We wait. And we hope." Trudy looks on with a troubled smile.Jay stays with Amber all day, seemingly in a daze. Trudy recommends that he go ahead and make arrangements with Mega, but he tells her that Mega can handle it. Jay snaps at Trudy, "What's more important that this? She could die!" Trudy mumbles a bit and Jay leans in, holding Amber's hand. He tells her, "I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, we're right here with you. Everything's going to be okay." A few hours later, Jay is attempting to wake her up, saying that she, "Has gotta pull herself out of this." Trudy offers her two cents that it's not helping, and Jay snaps, saying, "How do you know?" Trudy says that she can't hear him, and Jay tells her that, "You don't need to believe it. You just need to hope. What's wrong? Don't you want her to wake up?" Trudy feels offended, questioning, "How can you even say that?" She asks him why he's so angry, thinking it's her fault for his behavior. Jay apologizes, but he says that he "can't believe that this is how it's meant to be for us", meaning him and Amber. Trudy is obviously annoyed and jealous, and she turns away from him. Just then, Jack walks in. Trudy tells him that there's been no change, but Jack actually came on different business. He has a message from Mega, and it's urgent. Jay leaves without saying goodbye to Trudy.

While speaking with Mega about how to go about enacting his plan to cut off the sectors, he seems much more angry and irritated. Jay tells Mega, "If we create martyrs, it only makes them stronger. It's a kind of fuel they feed on." Mega seems surprised at how passionate Jay is about this, merely saying, "I hadn't thought of that -- it's an interesting idea." Mega then realizes that that would make martyrs on their side, and he asks Jay if that was what he wanted. Jay replies with, "Of course not." Mega asks him, "So what do you suggest?", and Jay replies with he doesn't know. Mega gives a "crazy" suggestion: build a medium-voltage fence to keep them out of trouble. Jay seems conflicted with this.

Jay returns to the mall posthaste and asks Trudy how Amber's doing. Trudy tells him that there's been no change. She seems troubled, so Jay asks her if she wishes for him to take over. Trudy tells him that it's alright, she can handle it. She asks him if she can get him anything, to which he replies no, he's fine. They both begin saying, "I'm--", and they giggle at their synchronization. Trudy tells Jay to go first, and he apologizes for his angry attitude earlier. Trudy then goes on to confess that she had thought, only a day ago, that everything would be so much easier if Amber weren't around. Jay embraces her out of grief, telling her Amber will pull through.

Amber begins breathing heavily and gasping for breath in the middle of the night, and Jay wakes up. He wakes up Trudy as well, telling her that something's happening. When Amber suddenly becomes very still, Trudy hysterically questions, "Oh no. No, no, this it?" Amber then slowly opens her eyes, clutching her head with her hand in very languid movements. Jay asks how she is, and Amber says she's alright. She looks at Trudy and says hello to her, and Trudy gapes in pleasant surprise. She exclaims that she's happy she's okay, and Amber gives a weak smile.

During his roam about the city, Jay notices some Technos gathering around a girl. She seems terrified, and Jay asks to see her arm. He slides up her sleeve to see that she's been barcoded, much to his dismay. He asks the Technos whose idea was it, and they answer Mega.

Bursting into Mega's office at the Hotel, Jay asks what Mega thinks he's doing, and what would be next -- sell by dates? Mega waves him off, stating that it's not a big deal, but Jay insists that it is. Mega says it's not that bad, it's not like they're getting microchipped. Jay shouts that he should hope not, since the citizens aren't criminals. Mega explains that it's for their own protection, in order to know who's who and who's where, in order to stop the Zootists from infiltrating the city. Jay asks why he wasn't informed when this decision was decided, and Mega merely shrugs and says, "You weren't here." Jay gapes and questions how that lets Mega off the hook. Jay sighs, finally relenting, stating that the barcodes better work and keep "out the bad guys". Mega insists that "it'll work just fine, and then, Jay, you'll thank me". Mega gives him a small, faked smile, while Jay continues to stare at him with a scowl.

Back at the mall, the Technos are rounding up the Mallrats in a very rude manner. Jay asks what's happening, and a Techno tells him that they're gathering workers that can help keep the power back on (which is much similar to the "no pay no play" thing Ram did to the citizens in order to keep the power on). The Techno reads off the list for the work parties for the Mallrat tribe, and Jay sighs.

Jay and Trudy tell Amber about the barcoding and work parties, and she passionately exclaims that she's against it. She believes its unethical and illogical, and also a betrayal of trust.

When the Mallrats find out about the Technos militia barging into the mall to acquire Sammy for the work parties, they approach Mega to tell him about it. Jay tells Mega that they need some answers, and Amber says that they need more than answers, they need "thugs to be put back in line". She expresses her distaste for what Mega is doing and Mega attempts to smooth it over with a nervous laugh. He claims that "no one is more concerned than I am". He returns back to the idea that the root of the problem is Zoot, and that people are just scared. "When people get scared, they get extreme." Mega explains that the Techno militia leader's head was just getting big due to his authority, but if he were to step over the line, he'd be "dusted down".

One day after Sammy returns to the Mall after a day at work, he claims he has a message for Amber. Ebony wants to meet with Amber the next day out of the sector to talk. Jay and Trudy plead with her to not go, but she feels as though she must.

After Amber returns from her meeting with Ebony, she informs the Mallrats that Mega is the true villain here, and he's trying to capture the city along with the help of Java. When Jay and Trudy begin expressing doubts, Ellie and Jack return from their escapade, refuting what Jay believes.

May returns to the Mall and they inform her that they know that she's a spy working for Mega. May comes off as defiant and begins denying everything, but Jay merely shakes his head and tells Jack to put her in the cage. Jack says, "With pleasure," and grabs her shoulder. May shrugs away, telling him to get his "damn hands off of [her], [she] knows where the cage is."

Jay pays a visit to May in the cage, demanding to know what she knows. He tells her that he's sick of her lies, of Ram's lies, and of Mega's lies. When May doesn't talk, he enters the cage. May tells him to drop the bad boy routine, since he's "a mallrat". He tells her that he was also a Techno before, and they "played it a bit rougher" back then. He then grabs hold of May's face and she fearfully asks him if he's "gone crazy". He puts his hands around her throat and says, "Yeah. I've gone crazy." He releases his grip and he begins to talk about Ved. May tells him that she doesn't care about him, but Jay tells her to tell him about her family. She tells him that "this isn't gonna work". Jay tells her that this isn't a trick, and then May opens up. "I've lost everyone I've ever cared about, okay? So now I just don't let anyone get too close." Jay tells her that he noticed that, and May angrily tells him to "give [himself] a gold star, to go sit in the front of the class". Jay tells her that it wasn't a criticism, since he feels the same way. He tells her that he knows that, so he needs to talk to someone -- anyone. Jay suggests that May talk to others more often, and May tells him that she's tried, but it doesn't work. May asks who would listen -- her "pals" upstairs who don't believe she's innocent? She states that to her, "they've always hated me." She mutters that it "serves them right", and Jay asks if that was why she fell for Mega's lie. May, holding back tears, somberly nods her head. She begins to sob, shaken with grief.

Amber jay trudy

The Mallrats captured by Mega and the Technos

The Mallrats later use May to lead them to Mega, where they surround him, demanding that he come quietly and be taken as their hostage. Apparently, Mega brought reinforcements, and the Technos surround them, pointing their stun guns at them. He gets them into the Horton Bailey Hotel, and tells them that they can either choose to endorse his new regime, and be treated like royalty (power), or choose the harder path, which he explains to be "chaos". Trudy angrily steps up then, demanding to know who Mega thinks he is, with his "little electronic toys and electronic army of clones". Trudy tells him that he has no right to run the city -- he couldn't even run a raffle. Mega snorts in laughter, and Jay tells Trudy to drop it. Trudy demands to know where he was when they fought the Locos, or the Chosen. Mega repeats for them to think about his offer, telling them that it's a good one, "better than what you'd get from Zoot". Trudy seriously says to him that Zoot is dead, thanks to the Mallrats.Mega's face twitches with a creepy smile, and the Mallrats walk away.

Back at the Mall, the Mallrats try to decide if they should leave the Sector and take their chances on the outside, or stay in the Sector and attempt to battle Mega upfront. Gel is all for staying at the Mall, because there's electricity and food and water and shelter. Jay suggests moving on, like Mouse and Salene, to a safer place. Amber then suggests to fight Mega from the inside, knowing that they don't stand a chance against him in the city. She explains that if they make him think that they're going along with him, then they could "take him apart". Ellie agrees with her, saying that life out there is difficult. "We're family", Amber says. "And family sticks together," Sammy concludes. Jay still wants to leave, but Trudy and Jack attempt to make him see their ways of things so that he would want to stay. Jay then agrees and Amber states that that makes it settled: they stay together and fight from the inside.

Pre-Tribe Edit

The day the baby was brought home was the day that life changed for Jay. At the age of 4 he knew that all the attention would now go to the baby and not to him. He had been used to lots of hugs from his mother Annie and his doting aunties Maude and Jackie were always at the house. They would bring him little toy cars and his favourite snack, those raisins in the little boxes.

Jay was a mild tempered kid by nature but he did like the attention and even in his young mind he was aware of the fact that he needed it for some reason. So when the baby was brought in ceremoniously in its carry chair and placed before him to admire, Jay threw his favourite red car across the room, stood up, stamped his foot and screamed.

Annie backed away in shock. Her son had never done this before! The baby started to cry too and soon Annie joined in, her hormones all over the place. This set Maude off (she was emotional at the best of times) and when Jackie came in from the garage carrying all sorts of baby equipment with her she was greeted by a whole room of sniveling wrecks!

Jackie sent Annie to bed and sent Maude to make a cup of tea. She swooped Jay up in her arms and hugged him tight, telling him that he was a big brother now but that he would always be Annie's baby. He stopped his whining and snuggled into her. And for the first time he snuck a peek at the baby who was sniffling away in the carry chair.

Jackie laughed and sat Jay down in his little armchair. She unravelled the baby from the carry chair and brought him over to Jay. "Meet your brother darling. His name is Ved."

After having a well - deserved rest, Annie ventured back downstairs and was over the moon to see Jay, Jackie and baby Ved all snuggled up on the couch together with Jay telling a story to his little brother.

When Sam walked in that night from his job as security officer at the local bank, he could see in an instant that his family was complete. Annie was feeding Ved by the fire and Jay was happily playing with his cars, keeping up a running commentary aimed at Ved about what he was doing.

Jay couldn't help but be interested in the tiny creature with all its blonde fluffy hair and after a few days he was as happy as he had ever been, even offering to help Annie change the diapers!

Jay and Ved grew up together the best of friends. Jay was always on the lookout for his baby brother and felt the need to protect him because Ved was so small. Everyone commented on how tiny Ved was. He was a skinny kid even though he ate like a horse and he was teased at school about his height and weight. Jay got into countless fights with the bigger kids and Ved was grateful to him for keeping the bullies at bay.

Both boys did well at school and Ved was especially good at computers. As he got older he would sit for hours in the library looking at websites and creating his own programs on the computer in there.

Although a good student, Jay was more interested in sports that lessons and his favourite game was basketball. With his height and athletic build, Jay soon became the darling of the court and was noticed at the first school game he played by the gorgeous cheerleader, Rochelle.

Jay and Rochelle became an item and were often seen strolling hand in hand down the beach together. They were the perfect couple and complemented each other amazingly. They were both into sports and spent a lot of time playing squash and jogging round the park but they managed to find the time to give something back to the community.

Rochelle had suffered the tragedy of losing her older sister Sophia to leukaemia and she and Jay decided to help out in the children's ward at the local hospital. It was here that Jay met Mega, a teenager who had big dreams but was stuck at home caring for his father who had been injured in the war.

The unlikely friendship started in the hospital canteen one day when Mega was waiting for his father to finish his physiotherapy. Jay and Mega struck up a friendship over a plate of greasy chips. Jay could sense that Mega was a needy person and Mega could tell that Jay was a good guy. And god knows he needed a friend.

Ved noticed that his brother was spending less and less time at home. He was always with that goodie goodie girlfriend of his and had no time left for Ved. They used to have a real laugh together and Jay used to look out for him at school. But now Ved had to spend all his time in the library at school just to avoid getting jumped on by the bullies. And all the time Jay was smooching his girl on the field!

When Jay was 16, tragedy struck. There was a hold-up at the bank and Sam was shot. Annie raced to the hospital and Jay and Ved were called out of class. They were sat down by the principal and told that their father was in a bad way and that they should head straight for the Emergency Room.

The boys managed to find their mother sitting in a room off to the side of the general waiting area. They had to push past drunks and druggies, screaming kids and frail old ladies to get to her.

Jay would always remember what happened next and it would haunt him for the years to come. It all happened in slow motion (like in the movies Jay thought to himself). His mother was sitting on a rigid orange plastic chair clutching a polystyrene cup of tea.

As she raised her eyes to meet those of her oldest son the cup slid from her hand and the steaming liquid washed all over her legs. She did not bat an eye and it was at this moment that Jay knew that his father was dead. And he knew that for the second time in his young life things would never be the same again.What many people don’t realize is that when you lose someone it affects every single part of your life. And this was especially true for Jay.

He had been so close to his father. Always the golden boy, he used to go fishing and hiking and the pair could always be found on the back porch, talking about the future and the way that life could turn out.

Neither of them could ever have imagined that this would happen, that Jay and Ved would be without a father.

Jay found that the only way he could deal with his pain was to internalize it and he tried to carry on as usual, only allowing himself to cry at night when no-one could hear him. Or so he thought.

Ved’s bedroom was on the other side of the wall from where Jay lay his head and Ved could hear his older brother sobbing way into the night. Ved went to his brother at first, wanting to share the pain and talk about it all. But Jay turned his head in shame and refused to even acknowledge that there was a problem.

Ved had no choice but to start to internalize his own feelings – he had nobody to talk to about it and soon found that if he surrounded himself with things to do, people to see, places to go that his mind could block out what had happened, the pain that had torn his heart to pieces.

Ved started to stay away from home and this caused more friction in the home. Jay would get angry with Ved, how could he do this to their mother when she had enough to worry about? Now she had to stay up at night and wait for her youngest son to come home. At times she had to wait all night as Ved stayed out longer and longer, getting into more and more trouble.

Whenever Jay tried to tackle Ved about his behaviour he would get a look of disgust thrown back at him. What did Jay know anyway? Always the goodie goodie, always at home to wash up the dishes for Mom. Never putting a foot wrong. Jay couldn’t stand the way his brother was behaving and nor could Annie.

She too had gone into herself and was literally half the woman she had once been. The eyes that had shone so brightly with good humour at one time were now dulled with the pain of loss. And not only the loss of a husband but of a son that she had no control over.

Ved developed a friendship with the guy the brothers had met at the hospital, Mega and started to hang out with him whenever Mega could get away from the small apartment he shared with his father.

Jay spent more and more time with his girlfriend and their relationship started to flourish. Jay found that he could open up to her and after the initial shame at crying in front of anyone else he discovered that with Rochelle he really could let it all go and that it was safe to do so, that someone actually understood him. She understood because she had just lost her own parents in a plane crash when she was younger and was lived with her older married sister.

Jay and Rochelle gave each other the comfort and support that both needed and they became closer and closer with each day that passed each tear that was shed.

Ved meanwhile was becoming ever more distant from the family and was getting into all sorts of trouble with the neighbours, the school and the police.

Annie grew tired of asking Ved where he had been, of talking to the police that brought him home time after time and she all but gave up on this wild child of hers. But she would always wait by the window to make sure that he got home safely at night.

One night Ved came home earlier than usual and was surprised to find that there was no one waiting for him. His ego slightly wounded he popped his head round Annie's door to make some smart comment about her not caring any more. And he found her lying in bed, her face ashen, her mouth blistered and her eyes swollen shut. Raspy breaths escaped from between her black lips and when Ved felt for a pulse he could barely feel one at all.

Screaming for his brother, Ved found that he was all alone in the house with his mother and as he found the phone and called an ambulance he reverted back to being a frightened young boy again.

No longer able to ignore his grief. He was staring at it in the face again and was stung by the intense pain that it brought back to him. After having swallowed the sorrow he felt over the death of his father he suddenly felt it all rising back to the surface once more. When the ambulance arrived and the officers took his mother’s pulse and pronounced her dead, Ved could not contain his grief any longer and was taken to hospital himself for sedation.

Jay was tracked down and called to the hospital. He was shown to a side ward where he found his young brother lying in the fetal position and crying silent tears. Jay couldn’t control his own sorrow at the sight of his brother, so small and alone in the big white room. He climbed on to the bed and held Ved tightly, their tears flowing together in the grief that reunited them once again.

Jay and Ved grew used to being alone in the big old house. For a while there they had visits from their auntie’s but soon the Virus grabbed a hold of them too and took them to the grave.

More and more adults were dying and the world was a dangerous place. Everything was changing so quickly. Gangs were out in force in the streets and it was fast becoming a dog eat dog world.

Ved and Jay joined a gang of guys, led by a slightly strange kid in a wheelchair and this ‘tribe’ gave the brothers some kind of focus, something to cling on to in this place where you weren’t safe unless you had a gang to back you up.

Jay and Rochelle slowly drifted apart and when she was sent away to live with some relatives in the countryside, Jay was secretly glad. Since his mother had died Jay felt it impossible to deal with other people and their pain. His own pain was so deep that he didn’t feel that he could share it with anyone other than the one person who understood him – his brother.

He grew sick of Rochelle telling him that she knew how he felt, that she had been there, that it would get better. What did she know of his pain? She had grown up not knowing her parents. But he had known both his parents. Had laughed with them, cried with them… how could Rochelle even relate her pain to his?

Jay’s feelings soon changed when the train that she was travelling in crashed and all passengers were killed in an instant.

He couldn’t live with the guilt that haunted him, how he had turned away from Rochelle and ignored the help, love and support that she had so freely given him. He wanted to die. He couldn’t live with any more pain. But then he looked at his brother and realised that he was all Ved had. And that Ved needed him.

This realisation brought Jay even closer to his brother and he swore that he would always be there for Ved, through thick and thin until the end of their days.

Whenever that might be…

Season 4 Edit

Jay first appears in The Tribe in series 4 as Ram's general in the Technos and is renowned and respected for his brilliant strategies and practical thinking.

He supervises all security matters for the Technos, ground operations in the city and deals with ' virts '.

Jay hopes the Technos can use their technical expertise and skills to build a better world and his relationship with Ram is sometimes marked with tension as Jay senses Ram's ultimate vision may be different to his own.

Jay and ebony

Jay and Ebony

Jay is not also just a general; he is a man that will do anything for the so called 'Virts', he gave Ellie the chance to be with Jack again. Even though he ends up with Amber in season 5, he has been with Ebony behind Ram's Back and going from Amber to Trudy and so on.

Jay and Ebony end up together and have to hid their relationship so that Ram does not delete them both. Eventually, the two run away together, and run into the Eco tribe and Amber and Trudy. Jay then decides he wishes to return to the City to defeat Ram, much to Ebony's disapproval. He tells Amber first, sharing a brief kiss with her as they discuss the hope for the future, and Ebony gets jealous as she senses something between the two. However, he reassures her that nothing is happening between them.


Season 5 Edit

Jay and amber

Jay and Amber

Ebony and Jay do not seem to be as in love as they were in the last season. Ebony is jealous and accusing him of being with Amber, all the while obsessing over her visions of Zoot and her fanatical-like antics, much similar to those of the Guardian. She begins to say she needs to spread his word, just as he did. 
Trudy Jay

Jay and Trudy

Jay gets fed up with Ebony's paranoia and general attitude and dumps her for Amber, who rejects him. At the start of the season Jay is often seen as a leaning post for Amber who is still trying to get over losing Bray after she and Jay find out that he has been "deleted". At first Amber blames Jay and immediately rejects him when he kisses her and confesses to having feelings for her, leaving Jay heartbroken. Amber leaves to visit the Eco's with Salene to have a funeral for Pride, and Jay seeks comfort in a sympathetic Trudy, who get very close and become an item. Amber returns to find Jay and Trudy in bed together, much to her dismay, as she came to confess her feelings for him. Although Jay is with Trudy, he still has very strong feelings for Amber, since she's the main reason he sought comfort from her. During a broadcast to expose Mega, Jay and Amber steal a kiss and tell Trudy about it, leaving her upset and crushed, almost costing her and Amber's friendship. Although they feel bad about Trudy running to away to Mega, Jay and Amber nevertheless become a couple. When Trudy does run away to Mega, she tells him about Amber and Jay and he plants a device on Amber so she will lead him to Jay. They are both caught, and Mega tries to wipe their memories. Amber's memory stays the same, because Ram saved her, but Jay had lost all his memory and after two tries of replacing it, Ram finally manages to get it back for him. Jay manages to escape on the boat at the end of the series with the others including Amber.


  • Many fans see Jay as the male version of Danni, more so in Series 5. When Bray didn't return, it seemed as though Jay was written to be Bray's replacement. Him getting together with Amber as well as lines he says support this theory.
  • He is the only Techno who Bray has formally met. Mega had died in the Series 5 finale, Ram had gone missing in The Tribe: A New World, and it's not known whether or not Bray met or even knew about Java and Siva prior to the start of the series.
  • Although he left the Techno's in the middle of the Series 4, he still wears the Techno uniform and bears the Techno symbol in the center of his forehead throughout most of the rest of the show.

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