Jago was the manager at the casino. He was hostile toward the Mall Rats and especially Lex, who he had several unpleasant run-ins with. He was an informant for The Chosen.

History Edit

Lex came to the casino drunken, dirty and disorderly, wanting to get in. Jago reluctantly let him enter in exchange for a wristwatch, though he was thrown out a short time later after messing with the waitress.[1] When Ryan came searching for Lex, Jago lied that he had never seen anyone matching Lex's description.[2]

When The Chosen were taking over the city, Jago was their informer. After The Chosen's reign had ended, Lex and Pride came to ask him about the missing Bray. Jago said he wouldn't answer Mall Rats, but an employee who he just fired informed them about his involvement with The Chosen and that Jago had given Bray's location to the Mozzies the previous day.[3]

Jago paid Lex for a batch of blank DVDs and 50 Paradise headsets that never arrived. Later, he was captured by the Zootists and brought to the zoo as a prisoner, where he met Lex in a mexican disguise. Threatening to reveal Lex's true identity, Jago blackmailed him into handing over his boots and silver buckled belt.[4] When he tried to blackmail him a third time, however, he received a punch in the face. Jago told all the prisoners that it was Lex, but his plan backfired as the prisoners supported Lex, and Jago was bound and gagged. Siva told two Zootist guards that Jago was the one who killed Zoot, and the guards were overthrown when opening the cage, allowing for Lex's escape.[5]



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