The Invasion of the Technos is an event that occurred in the last episode of Series 3, and into the first few episodes of Series 4. During the invasion, many were captured upon contact with the newly arrived Technos, as they mistakenly believed them to be adults. Those who were taken met various fates. Some were sold into slavery, others became human guinea pigs to Ram's Reality Space program, while others joined the Technos. The aftermath of the invasion resulted in many of the tribes losing most of their members or completely getting obliterated, such as The Mosquitos and the Modes.

The Captured Edit

  • Bray (Sold into slavery. Eventually becomes a prisoner of Eloise.)
  • Tai-San (Turned into a Techno but is deleted by Mega. Becomes a prisoner of Kami.)
  • Alice (Sold into slavery)
  • KC (Sold into slavery)
  • Andy (Unknown)
  • Tally (Unknown)
  • May (Becomes a test subject for Reality Space)
  • The Guardian (Sold into slavery)
  • Moz (Unknown)
  • Jack (Captured not long after the initial invasion. What happened to him prior to his return in Series 5 is never disclosed.)
  • Ellie (Captured some time after the invasion. Had her memory wiped, possibly was a test subject.)

Notes Edit

  • This event in the series has been the subject of controversy among fans. Particularly because so much of the cast was written off the show together and was never being seen captured on-screen. The fates of many characters was left ambiguous for years until the release of the novels in 2011, which finally answered or hinted at most of their whereabouts.
  • While Luke was with The Guardian at the time of the invasion, it's never known if he was actually captured or not.
  • Aside from Andy, Tally, and Moz, those captured would return either later in Series 4, Series 5, or the novels.
  • Although May was captured by the Technos, the way she looks when she returns mid-way through Series 4 may suggest otherwise. Alice and KC looked they had been through much when they reappeared in Series 5, as was the case with Bray in The Tribe: A New World. May's appearance suggests she may have been elsewhere for a time before returning. This is also true for Jack in Series 5, who didn't necessarily look like he had just been a slave or test subject of the Technos, comparing with Ellie who looked very disheveled.

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